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any1 living in hk, just curious since i'm from hk and i dont c alotta hk ppl on here. 

its been more than half a yr i still dont get a reply, good for me lol 
but at least ppl click into the thread tho XD

n ye i dont c hk ppl on here and not much chinese ppl here too
I'm not from HK (though I recently visited since I have family there) but I am Chinese, just born/raised in England.
someone actually replied XD thx haha
oh i saw that u can speak cantonese on the 'Have you visited any countries where Chinese is an official language?' discussion, im curious how did u learn cantonese cuz its a hard language to learn 
My family is from HK but I am born and bred in UK 
It good to c ppl that r somehow related to hk on mdl, cuz if there r any1 that is living in hk rn i would love to make friends with them or even meet them someday ^_^
im born in hk in the US. planning to go back to hk to work soon

^ thats nice, what are you gonna be working as in hk? 

I'm also from Hong Kong (live in UK now).


I'm also from Hong Kong (live in UK now).

nice seeing someone from hk on mdl since theres not much hk on ppl here :)