No, sadly :( 

I have yet to visit any Asian country but I want to in the future!
Well I was born in raised in Canada for a large chunk of my life, and then moved to the US in middle school. I've also visited Mexico, and South Korea a few years ago. I'm moving to Korea this year. I'm hoping I'll be able to visit some other countries in Asia as well.
I've been to almost all Asian countries or at least many many. I'm Taiwanese American so been to Taiwan. I've also been to China, Hong Kong, Macao. I'm not sure which other countries use Chinese as its official language lol. 
nope, but i live in australia and theres a large chinese population here ^_^ i also learn chinese at school which is dope
I've mainly travelled in Europe

But I've lived in China for a year, so I traveled a lot in the country
i live in Hong Kong and we use Cantonese(official language for hk) and Mandarin(not often)
Macau,Taipei, Hainan, Sanya, Beijing n some other places in china that i dont remember where 
I was born/raised in England but I'm Chinese (Cantonese-speaking) and have visited Hong Kong and some cities in China (Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou), since I have family/friends over there.
went to Hong Kong and Macau before, I remember watching the House of Dancing water show and the Dragon's Treasure with my family, but my parents thought the water show was boring XD

Lived in Beijing for 7 years ^_^

Been to Hong Kong, Macao, ShenZhen and Taiwan.. And hopefully Beijing/Shanghai this year ^^ gotta work hard this year ;)

I studied abroad in Beijing in 2015 and also visited shanghai, Xi’an, Hangzhou, qingdao, and tianjin while I was there. Just went to Taiwan for the first time back in February. Definitely need to go back many more times! 

I moved from the states to Beijing when I was four, then we moved to Hong Kong and lived there up until last year of high school. I moved back to Beijing for college.