I'm from the U.S
Born in Pakistan.
Raised in Canada.
Live in the US.

:D Yay for diversity!
I'm here in the US as well~
I'm from Puerto Rico.
Born, raised, and still living in the U.S.
Born in India, raised in India and living in India i.e. I am from India :D
Born in Indonesia, raised in Indo (my people said Indo, Korean people said Indo = India :D ) and living in RI (Republic of Indonesia).
|Bali island is in Indonesia. |Love the diversity 300 distinct native ethnicities in Indonesia, and 742 different languages and dialects, coz this i love the culture --> food, music, incredible places, etc.
Hi there, I'm from Armenia. Maybe most of you won't recognize the name. Armenia is a small country (in the middle of Europe and Asia) with rich and looong history.
I've lived here all my life :)
me from Philippines
I love this!

From the U.S. ...somewhere around the middle, by the river. :-)
i'm from tunisia. it's an arabic country in north africa.
Born and living in Norway.