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Hey guys, im loooking for south korea drama, recently i watched Junior High Student Ayang and Adolescence Medley. I dont know which drama similar with these. Junior High Student Ayang the genre is drama and school but when i watching, i feel that this drama going to be romance idk why hee:3

So, guys can u make any recommendation about school drama and romance like both, idk what i suppose to watch later:( 

Thanks xD

Note i have watched : 
School 2015
Orange Marmalade
The Heirs
Adolescence Medley
Junior High Student Ayang
9 Second - Eternal Time
Click Your Heart
school 2015 (who are you) is quite good :) 
sassy go go, reply 1988 and 1997, boys over flowers, dream high, page turner and weightlifting fairy kim bok joo.
High school Love on
I'll just get it over with and recommend Boys Over Flowers...  
sassy go go
school 2013 ... its bromance but one of the best school dramas
angry mom
reply 1988
reply 1997

Who are you school 2015
Sassy go go
High school love on
dream high
Boys over flowers 
Thumping Spike
Sassy Go Go
Reply 1997