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Hi fellows MDLers,

I was wondering if some of you, are into yoga/meditation ? Or simply interested by it ?

I thought it would be cool to have a place to met some yoga enthusiasts in the forum, and sharing tips, advices, stories about our yoga journey and the different visions we have on this discipline ? 

Why don't we start with a little presentation of ourselve, with some of those questions : 

Why did you first been interested in yoga/What makes/made you want to do yoga ?  What are your thoughts about your practice so far ? What did yoga changed/changes (or not) in your life ? Where did you practice it (in class, at home, outside, in your bath) ? What type of yoga are you practicing, since how long ? Or what type you want to practice ? 

Feel free to share any others stuffs you want to, about your yoga journey, or if you want to ask some questions if you're a newbie (as I considering myelf) and you still need to take your marks.

I think it would also be interesting to have the opinions and thoughts of people who aren't familiar with yoga so even if you're aren't that much informed about it, again don't hesitate to post :). 
Hi, I have been doing yoga since January, once a week. I took a class near my home. I really like it since its only 5 minutes from home and the teacher is really good. She's quite famous in my town. Even one of my friend was on waiting list for around 4 months since every class is limited to 10-11 people only. 

At first I don't really have any interest in doing yoga. I thought yoga is boring. The main reason I join is because I have a knee injury on my left since middle school and its permanent. Every time I exercise, I have to wear a knee support. I can walk and suddenly fall because of patella dislocation. It happens a lot since middle school till now. Its been more than 8 years. In university, my knee seemed better but suddenly last January I fell again while doing a morning walk and it hurts quite bad. My acquaintance, who has the same problem as mine, told me to take a yoga class with my current yoga teacher.

I took a private class 4 times so I understand the basic, then take the regular class. After taking the class, I don't even feel that yoga is boring at all. It's fun, teach me how to stand and walk in a good posture, good for losing weight and most importantly, it helps me to prevent injury.

My teacher suggest me to do simple yoga at home everyday. I try to, but its so hard to do it every day. At least everyday I do bicycle cardio or RPM to strengthen my knee
Hi! :) I did yoga last year but then I stopped it cause I don't like the instructor. Yoga is supposed to be relaxing but he makes us feel so stressed...and anyway he's weird. 
I started doing yoga cause I wanted to be fit. Yoga is difficult but I think it gets easier to do when you practice for a long time and become more flexible. Also although yoga is good for your health, you should practice it under proper guidance or else you can harm yourself trying to do something advanced. Also there are certain yoga postures you might have to avoid if you have certain health conditions like asthma, diabetes etc, so it's best to practice under a trained yoga instructor. :)
Cause of my yoga instructor, I lost interest in yoga but I should probably try to continue what I have learnt so far at home at least. :)

@Tania   I'm glad that doing yoga is helping your knee! :)) I hope it strengthens your knee so that it won't cause any problems again!
I have been doing yoga off and on for about three years. I started because I have a lot of back and neck pain and it helps. I have never gone to classes or anything. I get my yoga instruction from YouTube videos. There are a lot and all ranging from beginner to advanced. If you are a beginner and don 't know where to start, I highly recommed this video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/0o0kNeOyH98 . It is very gentle and easy and is very relaxing.
I've only started doing Yoga once a week, about a month ago. I love it, despite my lack of flexibility, especially on my legs. It's been helping with my posture, although I still find some of the poses are hard for me.  My instructor is really awesome and she's been practicing and teaching Yoga for a few decades now, which is very cool. 

Good topic btw ^^
I always wanted to try yoga) 
Really cool to read all your own story! 

I started being interested in yoga back in 2013. I had back and legs pain and it came to a point where it kept me from doing some everyday stuffs, so I started doing it with videos. But then, I was so not flexible and not in the mood than I quickly get discouraged.

Still I kept doing meditation and as a girl who struggled with depression and anxiety (bcoz of learning disability and attentional disorder) all her childhood and teenage years it really, really helped me. 

A bit earlier this year, I had suddenly a lot of free time so I decided to return to yoga practice, but like @IzzyDramaLover I  had a bad experience with a teacher (+dirty room) so I just quit and looked for a yoga class online. A few weeks ago, I found "yoga with adrienne" channel  and since I did about 20/30? of her videos. She has tone, suitable for all levels and a lot of beginners videos. The teacher is really kind, friendly and patient in her tone makes me feel safe and comfortable following her videos. . Plus she's not pushing anything, is very easy-paced in her beg. videos so that you can slowly learn and take your own rhythm.  


Btw since I discovered this channel I'm doing yoga almost daily (even if it's only for ten or five mins), I'm not forcing myself or anything it just feels really good, relieving my back and legs and relaxing my mind. 

What my yoga and meditation brought me? The ability to stay focus, and I agree with @Tania and @samsoons, one of the pros of yoga it's definitely its capacity to teach us how to stand and walk in good posture.
@IzzyDramaLover Thank you! I hope so :D My teacher told me to train my knee everyday using a very simple movement but lately I get a bit lazy. This week my yoga class will start again, I'm quite sure my body has become more stiff. I can already imagine the muscle soreness I'll get the next day...

@Maks My friend also suggest me to watch "Yoga with Adrienne", but since I already took the yoga class, I still haven't watched it till now. I guess I'm lucky enough to get a nice teacher and a nice place to practice yoga. Sometimes I also doing yoga in Gold's Gym. The room is nice and the teacher also really good. But I still prefer the place near my home since it's more private so the teacher can gives us more attention. She always comes to every member during the whole class. While at the gym, every class is so crowded and the trainer can't correct our poses one by one.