Kissasian won't let me play videos anymore.  Whenever I play a video a message pops up telling me to turn off my adblock.  I would happily turn it off if Kissasian didn't have such horrible ads.  I tried adding some scripts to UBlock  since I was once able to get past their ad detection that way, but so far nothing has worked this time.  Does anyone have an good alternatives to Kissasian that have HD videos and that don't have adblock detection?   

I've been using more trackers than streaming sites theses days, so I'm not sure, but have you tried using fair adblocker? it should get you by on the kiss sites. 
The one I am using right now and my friends is it is also a good alternative but I prefer kissasian. 
i download the video and then watch it at my leisure (kissasian)
I have been using New Asian TV since kissasian is shut down now
I suppose you found some alternatives already. But, when I use Kissasian, it also keeps telling me to turn off Adblock so I usually right-click on the video and click on "Open video in a new tab" (something along the lines of that). That way I get the link for the video itself instead of Kissasian and then I can also watch it peacefully with no disturbing ads etc.
Actually, Kissasian is not shut down. They just had to change domain to "" instead of "" because they got sued, I think?
@momo thank you for telling me I wouldn't have realized otherwise