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I'm curious how everyone was introduced to dramas.

I was originally introduced at a young age.  My Aunt Kyung emigrated to the US from South Korean in the 80's to be with my Uncle.  She had many Korean stations through direct tv and since she was my babysitter, I'd watched them.  Obviously since she didn't need subtitles, I couldn't get into them.

Cut to 2 years ago, my husband introduced me to Bubble Pop by Hyuna.  Then I started listening to kpop.  Then I kept seeing gifs on tumblr of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and I just felt like I had to watch it...

That was 6 months and 20+ dramas ago!!  :) 

Well, before dramas, I was really into anime and naturally, I got curious about some live adaptations and then I started watching some other stuff too. But I think my mom was the one who made me interested in dramas in general, because she was always watching them on tv. At first, she made me search for the other episodes on the web from her favorite dramas as she wasn't always patient for them to be airing on tv, and from that point on, I started to look up some dramas myself. 

The funny thing is that she doesn't watch k-dramas anymore because she's really into indian tv series now, and instead, I'm the one who got completely into dramas, haha
I think I watched my first kdrama, a historical one, with my parents when I was really young, but it was Chinese-dubbed (lol). I didn't know what a kdrama was until November of last year (yep, real late to the party). My unni watched the first ep of Dream High with me, and I was hooked. After Dream High, I didn't pick up any other kdramas because I was still clueless about them ahaha. In December, my sister suggested I try Moonlovers: Scarlet Heart, and man, watching that drama was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Moonlovers was the drama that officially launched my drama career. I would say that my older sister pulled me into dramaworld. 

So yeah, in the short ten months that I've been watching dramas, I've already completed around 60 dramas and 10 movies. Surprisingly, I haven't pulled an all-nighter for a drama... yet. ;-)
I am a big fan of Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge, LoveCom, Gokusen and Kimi Ni Todoke. After finishing all available volumes + anime I hadn't other choice but to watch the live action. I have never stopped since then :)
My story is like @YueofBlueGables but with Skip Beat. I was so impressed by Siwon and Donghae that I searched more about them and I found out they are from suju. I was really shocked by their music, but I kept going back ;p
I also kept watching more Siwon dramas, then I slowly started watching other ongoing dramas, and here I am today ;p
that was late 2012 and 370+ drama/movies ago ^^
Im such a newbie! I'm so excited to hear people's stories though . It's nice to see what different circumstances brought people to this community
 I had started to watch Japanese movies/ dramas that were based off of manga stories I had read about 3-4 years ago. I was really into Japanese at first since I had been learning the language for a trip I took last year a watched a few movies to 'practice'. But obviously nothing was out of this world amazing because it wasn't until 9 months ago I got real hooked. I had recently read the manga 'itazura na kiss' and wateched the jdrama 'mischievous kiss: love in tokyo'. After that I had to watch all the incrarnations of the story, kdrama, thai, and Taiwanese. Now it's become a problem! Lol I've seen 36 dramas this year since January ???????? ha ha ha - I need help! 
Well I was  watching music videos on youtube . And I randomly opened a video which had the audio of my favorite song mixed with scenes from a drama. I loved the scenes that it depicted and came across this drama called "my little princess" (a chinese drama). I started watching it out of curiosity and  loved it. Since then I was totally sucked into dramaworld .
While flipping through obscure cable channels one night in 2009, I came across a broadcast of the historical KDrama, The Iron Empress.  I was intrigued.  After that finishing that one, I sought out others wherever I could find them, finally discovering streaming services like Dramafever and Viki.  70+ dramas later, I've been studying Korean and am now one of the main KDrama contributors at DramaWiki.  Who'd have guessed that would happen?

In honor of my very first KDrama, my MDL avatar is none other than Chae Shi Ra as Empress Chun Chu of The Iron Empress, dressed in her battle armor.
watched some Hong Kong dramas when I was a kid, and later around early-mid 2000s there were some Cantonese-dubbed k/jdramas on tv. I only started watching k-dramas (4 or 5 years ago) when I borrowed them from the library, it was faster for me to watch on dvd/tv than online
Didn't get into dramas until 2 years ago. My husband and I got intrigued by the international movie section on Netflix (it's an American paid movie streaming service) and ended up watching Pasta together. He got bored with it, but I got mildly interested in kdramas. I watched Angel Eyes after that, but  ended up hating it. It wasn't until I discovered Drama Fever with hundreds of options to choose from a year ago that I became a drama junkie. Initially, I only watched kdramas that were already considered classics, but I slowly became more and more interested in different genres. Recently, I also started watching Japanese and Chinese dramas. Currently, I am still a Premium DF user and I also have a viki pass.2i8d4ao.gif
Aw, ya didn't like angel eyes? I'll admit I reeeeeeally liked the teenage actors much more than the adults.
@Joy, I totally agree. I loved the first 3 episodes, but wholeheartedly hated the show from the middle to the end. 
I just grew up watching Asian dramas since those were the only things my satellite picked up. I tried watching Western shows when I got cable but the plots seemed strange to me.
I've always been a freak for movies, anime from when I was a kid, a Jackie Chan, martial arts and wuxia-a-like fan from when i was 7 years old, in the beginning of 2000 I stuck to Japanese horror films and how I always watched anime I accidentally encountered some live-action adaptations ... depending of free time, I've always preferred films more than a dramas.
 That means mostly through anime and manga adaptation and it has been for 10 years now... Before that I did not separate the Asian series mostly Japanese and Korean from the others as specific.