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I'm sorry MDL, I adore the site, but hate the new look. Hate it. Where's the 'who's recently started this drama'. It could be there, BUT not as easy to find. It feels so suffocating. It's like I am only spoon fed a little at a time where as before it was more expansive and could see more. Messaging friends seems much more of a chore now. All kinds of things. I wish there was an option to revert to the old look or 'desktop version' or something. Ugh.

I still love having this database and thankful to keep track of my dramas, but it feels like now it's totally for me alone or something. So constricting. 

Best regards...still.

Are you on mobile? Have you try request desktop mode?

I use phone and tablet almost exclusively.

I also only use my phone and tablet to access MDL. At first, I wasn't too thrilled with the new version, but I have since grown used to it and like it now. All the same stuff is there, just in different format. The only issue I have now is the feed. It seems slower now in loading but that is relatively minor. Thank you for all the hard work! (*^_^*)


I use phone and tablet almost exclusively.

Google Chrome on mobile has a 'Desktop Mode'. Can you try using that?