Well, when you watch stuff, do you eat and drink while watching or not? If yes, what foods and drinks do you prefer with your shows? I usually have some popcorn, or fast-food such as hot-dogs, fries, fried chicken wings and etc.

I usually drink coffee :) and eat somethings sweet 

whenever I watch new episode of my currently drama, I always make a cup of coffee

I don't eat during every episode, but: chocolate, dried fruits, coconut chips, almonds, tea.

Chinese tea and nuts (walnut, macadamia, peanuts, almonds......) goes well with historical/fantasy c dramas!

peanuts, dried watermelon seeds, chips

chocolate snacks, ice tea and fruits sometimes

strangely I don't eat while eating lol; seems like everyone that replied likes eating snacks while watching

crips, fruit pastilles, jelly babies, coke, tea, biscuits, beer etc  

Coffee/hot chocolate & an apple

hmm probably tofu dogs? or cereal

Instant noodles. I am obsessed with them. I HAVE to make 2 packets every-time I start a drama/movie asian or hollywood. And when I run out, I miss them all the while I'm watching something. Tho with Asian dramas  the withdrawal is more painful because you see characters eating noodles all the time. And when you can't join, you feel deprived. ;_;

depends what kind of snacks is nearby on the counter haha I don't eat for that long anyways though. I like to drink water while I'm watching, and some fruits in the evening. Or no food at all

Although it's horrible for you, I always get in the mood for ramen when I watch kdrama. Seeing them enjoy it up makes me want to do the same. T^T