hi everyone :)
i'm in a horrible drama slump and in desperate need of good recommendation...

lately all i've seen are high-budget dramas with hot actors and predictable storylines... i feel like i've been watching the same thing over and over despite the fact that i tried a lot of different genres
i'm looking for dramas that actually have a soul, with a story that has something to say and without the usual irrational and annoying characters. i'm definitely not against clichè when they have a point in the story, what i can't stand are stupid tropes trown in the plot just to reach 16 episodes. i don't care if a drama has some flaws or if the story it's sometimes a little over the top, the important things is that it has interesting characters and a solid plot.

the genre and the country are  pretty irrelevant to me until it's a good show. i always appreciate some romance but it's not fundamental. 

just to give some coordinates i'll put a few examples
i really liked goblin, because this is my first life, black (even if the last 2 are still airing), secret, my love from another star, healer, when a snail falls in love, bad guys, rebel:the thief who stole the people, tunnel

i dind't like W, fight my way, mask, cheese in the trap, sensory couple, the heirs, suspicious partners, WFKBJ

i would really appreciate some good recommendations, preferably not-so-popular dramas since i already know all the famous ones....in the end i'd really like to know what dramas you still cherish and remember even after some time since they ended!
thanks in advance :)
PS: sorry about my 2-years-old english but i'm italian!

I tried looking at your completed list in order to recommend dramas you haven't watched, but since it's empty, I'll just throw some names of the ones I found interesting and liked:

  • Signal
  • It's okay that's love
  • Kill me Heal me
  • Hello Monster
  • I'm sorry I love you
  • Live up to your name
  • Marriage contract
  • Pride
  • We married as a job (I haven't watched Because this is my first life yet but they say this 2 dramas are similar)
  • Maou
  • N no tame ni
  • Soratobu Kouhoshitsu
  • 1 litre of tears
  • Rookies
  • Aogeba Toutoshi

You can try:

- Woman of Dignity 

- Reply 1988

- Save Me

- Chief Kim

+1  Hello monster

- Chicago Typewriter 

- Love me if you dare 

- Rookie Agent Rouge 

- Ode to joy 

Hii , 

Listed below is a mix bag of Dramas ( different genres ) they all are my favourites , they all have their different charms ! I hope you will like them too... 

:  Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo 

: Master's Sun 

: Its okay that's Love

: Marriage, Not Dating

: Jealousy Incarnate

: Oh My Venus

: Uncontrollably Fond 

Highly recommend NIRVANA IN FIRE, its the best drama ever. Its a historical drama thus the first 3 episodes gets confusing cause its mostly introduction of characters and set up of the world. But after that every episodes gets better and better.

Also check out: Memory, Misaeng, Ugly Alert and New Tales of a Gisaeng

older dramas

coffee prince

Massaya youtube version  Thai so very different

Smile you

Bunny drop

Boss and Me

My Lovely Sam Soon, My name is Sam Soon

Into the Sunlight...real old melodrama 

It started with a Kiss , then Kiss again...silly at first but gets better

Secret Garden

The world that they live in

Fated to Love You was very good after the first 2 episodes. Funny and much feels..

I also recommend The Lover. This one makes you 100% laugh! :)

thank you soo much !!! 

My Favorites are all Japanese but here they are

Nobuta wo Pruduce

Tokyo Bandwagon

Algernon Ni Hanataba O

My Girl

Quiz Show 2

Kazoku Game

Hana Yori Dango  (and all counter parts)

Hana Kimi

Freeter ie o Kau

There are more but those are my top go tos


+1 Hello Monster

+1 Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

+1 Signal (since you enjoyed Tunnel)

+1 Save Me

Cambrian Period (shares similarities with Healer but is much more crime-focused)

Rooftop Prince

Empress Ki

Jewel in the Palace


Shopping King Louie

Hi there! How about: 

- White Christmas

- Discovery of Love

- Nine: Nine Times Time Travel

- Faith

Good luck!

It seems like you like more serious stuff?? So if you're okay with watching Chinese dramas: 

Love Me If You Dare (author of When a Snail Falls in Love also wrote this novel) I haven't seen this but it's pretty well-liked

Memory Lost (author of WASFIL also wrote this novel) haven't seen this either but just basing it off Ding Mo (the author lol)

personal favorites: 

Nirvana in Fire 

Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (Eternal Love) this is completely romance tho lol but as someone who rarely watches full-on romance dramas, I loved it haha

Ode to Joy 

The First Half of My Life 


There's already so many good dramas recommended, so I'm going to just double recommend the ones I liked the best. :)

I would recommed you to try chinese dramas, they are generally more fast paced than korean ones. And I think that historical dramas have usually something more to offer than just romance and happy-go-lucky living, so that might be good balancing for modern day set dramas.

Korean/Chinese - K/C

Modern/Historical - M/H

  • Signal (this is so cool, time-travel vibe with a twist) K, M
  • Hello Monster (some great villains) K, M
  • Reply 1988 (the whole Reply series is good)  K, M (80s - surprise)
  • Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (life isn't always fun, tragedy in this should be appreciated more) K, H
  • Nirvana in Fire (epic, it's long but done very well) C, H
  • White Christmas (it's a drama special that has something unique to give) K, M
  • Ode to Joy, Age of Youth 1&2 (these three depict the life of women in a good way) C/K/K, M
  • Surgeons (medical drama with great leads, this really offers you something to think) C, M

Ohh I loved all the dramas you mentioned!! I'm not good at recommending things but here you go, i didn't include the dramas that i liked that were mentioned by other people.


-Beautiful Mind

-Good Doctor (amazing drama and it's been adapted into an American tv show that's currently airing)


-The Princess' Man


-Goodbye Mr.Black

-Thank you


-Cruel City



-Missing 9

these are some dramas that I enjoyed watching not all of them are amazing but they are good compared to some of the horrible things I've watched hehe.

Age of Youth 1 & 2

Avengers Social Club

Chief Kim

Dear My Friends

Incomplete Life (Misaeng)

Juhan Shuttai!

Liar Game


Reply 1988

Save Me


Soredemo, Ikite Yuku