It happens to me all the time.I finaly found a drama i wanna watch!.
You open the MDL page to read the summary of it and maybe watch a trailer.Then you scroll down by accident and read the first comment against your will. " Last 30 mins of the drama were Dissapointing" . At that point i just wanna kill the person that made that comment and ruined my night of starting that drama.Since those things happend i dont even open the drama page anymore and just watch it without knowing anything about it and it helped me allot!.I just wish there was a option To Close all comments and reviews Unless you wanna open them up.I dont mind the rating but o boy i hate reading reviews before i see something!.Especially since everyone has a different oppinion about them.I tend to only watch the drama after they finished airing since i hate waiting week by week.Same goes by comments like this " First half was nice then the 2nd half writer went banana's!".

Anyone else who share the same feelings about this ? These comments annoy me more than an Actual spoiler tbh xD.
I learned my lesson though! I just ignore everything now unless ive seen atleast couple of episodes before i read any comment on mdl.Maybe im weird but i always just wanna go start a drama with a happy feeling and currious thought instead of knowing already the ending is gonna be shit or that i can expect the 2nd half to be garbage.90% of the cases its not even true and its just oppionion based.

They should use the *spoiler* icon when the give a review.... I noticed they have that option for reviews but NOT in the other forums and when I try to use spoiler blocks they dont work but it does on Disquis 

I do the opposite.

I read mainly the spoilers in comment section because I hate a tragic or sad ending.

If I really want to watch it then no comment/ review is gonna stop me. I've def had this happen to me a couple times with Money Flower, Misty, and The Eternal Love but I still watched them and enjoyed them.

I've also found perople who will just put "sad ending" or tragic ending" and I'm like -_- that needs a spoiler as some people don't want to see that before they watch the show.