Hello Everyone! ^^

I'm searching for a drama where the Male Lead is extremely good looking (preferably long hair) ,cold and calculating, super strong and a total badass. Preferably someone in his late teens or early twenties. But he should have a soft side towards the main girl and is very protective ( not over protective and obsessive) of her and one of the few people that mean something to him. The drama should have lots of action and suspenses, and the guy takes revenge on people for something wrong that has been done. Basically something like Iljimae (love love loved this one), city hunter and Healer. It could also be a bonus if the female lead isn't too stupid and the romance did not take up the entire theme. 

Lawless Lawyer for sure

K2 ....no long hair but HOT HOT HOT bodies

  • Black
  • Cruel City
  • Just Between Lovers

Hua Jai Sila and Nee Ruk Rai Krong Fai. :)