OMG! The news just broke: Dramafever is shutting down. Warner Bros is going to make its own streaming service, similar to Netflix, and may transfer all content to this new service. They haven’t posted any new episodes since Friday, Oct. 12. If there is anything at all you want to see one last time, or preserve, now is the time to go to the site since we don’t know when it will go dark. I’m a premium member and haven’t gotten any e-mail notice about them shutting down or what will happen to my yearly member fees which I renewed in Sept. No news on what will happen to their currently airing exclusive shows, The Beauty Inside, 100 Days My Prince,  Terius Behind Me, Age of Legends, Devilish Joy. 20% of the workforce is being laid off. I’m sad to see them end this way as I’ll always remember them fondly for being one of the first legal K Drama sites. I’ve watched many great dramas there.


Someone on another forum said they may continue to show the new episodes of their exclusives until the the dramas finish, but it's all unsure.  I hope that Dramafever will contact subscribers very soon about their membership fees, but if you have a yearly subscription, you may want to try and contact customer service.

There is another article about it on Hollywood Reporter.

I feel bad for subscribers who has yearly subscription  #Dramafever has stopped posting videos and hasn't bothered to inform paying customers as to why this is happening and when it will be resolved. 

Users deserve better. Especially when you have taken their money.

 What?!?! This sucks. They charged me my monthly yesterday. Lol. It also sucks because that is my main place to watch dramas since I have app on my Roku. 

AT&T and telecoms are the worst. Someone needs to stop these people defrauding millions of customers. They need to be regulated like utilities. They've proven they are not respectable companies.

This is awful. EA one of the most lambasted video game makers gives their customers more warning.

There's nothing on DramaFever. They give no timeline. They suddenly stopped updating shows that were mid-run. What is this?

I am really disappointed that they will shut down DF in lieu of HBO expantion.HBO is awful ,their content is awful.

AT&T are scumbags!!!!!

I have been a Premium Member since 2010 .I watch on Viki but I like to go between the two because subtitles  can sometimes be very  slow on Viki.This is a sad day for Asian drama fans.

It's just really bad. I look at Netflix and Amazon... I don't see an expansive library of Chinese or Korean content. Sure they've definitely picked up over the years but they don't have a library like Dramafever or Viki (the two big purchasers).

This just seems like AT&T being draconian in cost cutting and that Korean company that owns Kocowa(?) being greedy for money by creating their own service.

I hope we get an alternative for Chinese dramas which I think will be the ones that suffer the most with DramaFever shutdown. Now I'll rely entirely on Viki or Youtube subs by volunteers for Chinese dramas. Not good. Maybe another company will step up and try to fill the gap? 

I'm not even sure what to do. Do I cancel my membership at DramaFever? But then I lose my premium status and access to stuff I might want to watch one last time. Surely they'll stop billing us? But then again we're talking about AT&T and Warner Bros. They might bill us all again after things have shut down in the hopes we don't notice.

I'm just so heartbroken this happened without any warning.  So many questions are running through my head. Where are we going to be able to see all the dramafever exclusives? All those dramas I was in the middle of. Is viki going to step up add more dramas to their library? Is another app going to magically appear? This is so sad all around. 

So they charged me today and look...


So they charged me today and look...

So no warning at all. The worst possible thing they could have done after deciding to end the service... and they did it.

They did say they would be in contact with us and potentially issue refunds. Mine isn't so bad, I resubscribed in May so I got a few months worth at least...

Yes, this was completely unprofessional. If they have known for days that they were going to shut down (which is what I'm thinking since they hadn't uploaded anything in a few days), they should have shut down the charging system first. This is like a slap in the face to the people who used their site as they main go to when watching dramas. I have been watching dramas there since 2010...

This sucks. I found kdrama in 2011 after I cut cable. I became a premium member of Dramafever seven years ago when they were locking in costs for as long as the service lasted. Well, I guess that's now.

I'm frustrated because I don't know what our legal options are now. I paid for Viki and Dramafever because the cost was reasonable and kdrama is pretty much all I watch. Now it's going to be folded into some overpriced, bloated, garbage Warner streaming service that will be full of garbage American tv I have no interest in. I am happy to pay for kdrama, but I'm not paying for a whole Warner package.

This is exactly why I dropped cable tv, but now it's like the evil cable/media/ISP conglomerates have tracked me down and wrecked the nice little life I'd created for myself away from them.

I'm pretty grumpy about this.

The most annoying part is all the exclusive currently airing shows they have, that no one else has. Couldn’t they wait to shut down the service until they were finished airing?? Out of respect for us as subscribers that they ‘acknowledge’ have been loyal all these years?!  They really didn’t think about us at all. And the worst part is that I suspect they’ll be holding onto the exclusive license rights in preparation for this new streaming service that’s in the works for late 2019, so we won’t even have the option to access them legally for another year!! If you even choose to;  my confidence level in the parent company is pretty low if that’s how they  treat us. 

Didn't expect this to come out of nowhere

I used viki mostly anyways but I liked dramafever because of the offline viewing so I often used both, definitely wasn't expecting this. Hopefully I'll get my money back since I did a yearly subscription.

completely unprofessional. I'm heart broken. DF had the best catalog. Sigh.