Hi my dramasphere,

I was just wondering; With the phenomenon MeToo due to Weinstein's case, did it have an incidence on Thailand series?

As we know slap and kiss is a cultural thing where we often see abuse and rape towards the female lead. And often she has a kind of stokholm syndrom where she ends up loving the male lead and forgiving him for the awful thing he did . I love slap and kiss, but without rape.  I am not a feminist, but this I can't tolerate. When I watched Sanaeha Sunya Kaen, I was really shocked.

But in recent lakorns,  I didn't see any serie containing rape. That's a huge step for the lakorn industry, because that's why lakorns were less popular than K dramas and even disposed from Viki.

So, do you think MeToo reached Thailand and the writers have become aware that they can't use rape anymore to build an healthy love story ?