Melissa Scrivner - Love has signed on to adapt the drama for an American audience, casting news suggests it may stray from the original. May stray they say, yet the character of Do Bong Soon goes from a cute tiny girl into something far from it. This alone takes away from the irony of a tiny little girl being able to do the things she can thus taking out the humor behind it. 

Is it going to stay as a rom-com or something more darker and sinister?  I think the choice for the female lead says it all, making me believe it isn't going to be pussy cats and rainbows. The female lead goes to ready for it......... Rhona Rousey!!!...who is defiantly not tiny and cute like the original. 

Here is a quote from Forbes...

"Rousey’s character in the remake is called Rayna and she’s a former war photographer, who discovers she is indestructible. War photography is not for the faint of heart and that career choice implies that Rayna is already close to fearless and used to facing grim situations. Rayna is hired as a bodyguard for a billionaire named Oliver, who recognizes her potential. But what exactly will her potential be? Does Rayna have a dream? Will she be funny?"

I for one will stick with the original with all it's romance, laughs and just plain silliness  :o)

What are your thought's?  A good thing or another American failure to copy an Asian drama?

I cringed. That's all I'm gonna say

I'm not even sure if you can consider it a remake at this point. The idea behind the original Korean version was that Bong Soon appeared to be a petite woman who was shockingly and oddly strong. Obviously, the actress behind the character Rayna doesn't look like a petite woman, and this takes away the charm from the show. 

At any rate, I'm not interested in watching it. 

I'm just wondering how RR is going to be at acting in a main role, y'all see her in her Entourage/Need for Speed scenes? Yikes.

But I mean... maybe her acting has improved... heard she joined WWE. Lol.

They honestly can keep this "remake". This was my gateway drama and I can't believe they are going to disrespect it like that....

Dear Kamisama, why?!

I think it would have fared well if they stuck to the original. They're making it serious all the way around which is so damn drab. We have enough serious dramas here and not enough cute funny fluffy ones like Strong Woman DBS. I'm pretty sure it will be cancelled before the season even ends. 

I agree with the poster above, this is no remake -_-

I mean it could work. It sounds like they took inspiration from it more than the idea because the original she was just strong wasn't she? 

Not a fan of casting a non-actor in a leading role like that. There are tons of women who have the acting skills, why not one of them? The character is supposed to be indestructible and super strong... not an MMA athlete.