What are your thoughts ?? Please do not get offended ..opinions may vary. :)

According to me:

Overrated Actor- Lee Min Ho(as I feel he lacks expressions; just a handsome face)

Underrated Actor- Ji Sung, Go Kyung Pyo,Yoo Ah In, Lee Dong Wook,Park Hyun Shik(as I feel they are very versatile)

Overrated Actress- Park Shin Hye (not that she is a bad actress ..it's just that all her roles are almost same  "a damsel in distress")

Underrated Actress- Lee Sung Kyung, Kim Ji Won(These ladies deserve much more)

P.S.- My opinions are based on the dramas that I have watched.

Lee Min Ho is sooooo overrated. I totally agree. And Ji Sung is a great actor. I’m watching Secret these days and he’s totally nailing the character. Same goes for Park Hyun Shik. He’s a great actor!????????

I feel like a lot of actors and actresses is getting an appropriate amount of roles and fame. Therefore I won't be mentioning the ones that are my favorites and the ones I hate the most. The ones that I've list down here is in my opinion either; not worth the hype or getting to little hype.  

Overrated Actor; Ji Chang Wok, Nam Joo Hyuk, Seo Kang Joon

Underrated Actor; Jo Jae Yun, Kang Ji Yong, Dong Ha, Im Joo Hwan

Overrated Actress; Yoon Eun Hye, Ha Ji Won, Gu Hye Seon

Underrated Actress; Seo Ye Ji, IU (I feel like she gets worse critic than she deserves because she is IU, really good in My Mister) 

A favorite actor and an underrated actor is two different thing entirely. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

Overrated actor: without doubt Lee Min Ho (I've watched about 4 dramas with hium tho and still think he needs more... soul (?)) and Park Seo Joon 

Underrated actors: Yang Se Jong (THIS ONE DESERVES EVERYTHING!), Ji Sung, Kim Jung Hyun, Jo Jung Suk, Hong Jong Hyun...

Overrated actress: Park Shin Hye (but tbh I think she's beem improving herself a lot) and Uee

Underrated actress: Park Bo Young, Jung So Min, Son Ye Jin, Seo Hyun Jinand Seo Ye Ji...

There were a lot more I wanted to mention but here it is the main thing

Overrated Actress

  • Shin Se Kyung ..only 2 facial expressions 
  • Ku Hye Sun....dropped 7 dramas due to her bad acting 
  • Im Soo Hyang...horrible in MIGB and the rest of the cast was great even tho if j she has more acting experience than them 


  • Kim Hae Won....amazing actor and should win more awards
  • Kang Ki Young...brilliant comedic actor and should be offered lead roles 
  • Kwak Dong Yeon..great at comedy and drama and should have some lead roles at least get a girl and have a happy ending 
  •  Ji Soo...he needs more lead roles where he gets the girl instead of 2nd lead 

The only thing i agree on here is Overrated Actor- Lee Min Ho and I don't think he's that good looking. Dunno why peeps keep saying he is.

In defense of Overrated Actress- Park Shin Hye and all the other actors/actress out there, If the roles that they accept or materials that are given to them aren't that good doesn't make them bad actors or actresses. When given a role with good materials, that's when we can judge. Park Shin Hye was awesome in You're Beautiful 2009.

Overrated  Actor(s): 

  • Lee Jong Suk
  • Park Seo Joon

Underrated Actor(s): 

  • Park Hyung Shik

Overrated  Actress(es): 

  • Hwang Jung Eum

Underrated Actress(es): 

  • (none that I can think of-- all the actresses I like are properly rated)