Hello everyone,

I don't know if a similar topic was already started, but I need some help finding a good movie to watch with someone that it's not a fan of k-dramas. Nothing that I've watched so far works for him xD 

I thought that a movie could be easier as a first attempt, since it can be watched in one sitting. Do you know of a good one to start? 

Thank you for the help! :D

Try checking out:

  • A Taxi Driver - based on a real life event. It is is very compelling to watch with heartfelt characters and thrilling scenes.
  • Train to Busan - most nonKdrama fans I know enjoyed this movie. This is probably one of the best zombie story ever
  • A man from nowhere - action thriller drama
  • Miracle of cell no7 - funny, heartwrenching, compelling nattaive and just an epic watch
  • My sassy Girl - slaspstich romcantic comed

I second Train to Busan.

What  genres does this person enjoy watching?

Thank you for the suggestions! :D

I've also watched "Train to Busan" and thought that it could be something for him, but was looking out for more so he could have some to pick from. 

It's kind of hard 'cause he likes a little of everything. It just needs to be good and well done! I'm not as picky, that's why it's hard for me to find something xD

Thank you again! I'm going to check these ones! :D

Ok then. My recommendations:

As one: Drama/Sports movie. This is a great film inspired from a true story.

A taxi driver: Beautiful movie.

Hope: He probably won't choose this, but it is a great emotional story.

Hwayi: A monster boy: Great action film. It is quite good for a first movie.

Sympathy for lady vengeance: From the director of Oldboy, a compelling movie to watch with stunning cinematography and Chan Wook Park's known violence.

Tae Guk Gi: The brotherhood of war: A war movie, one of the greatest in my opinion.

The accidental detective: Comedy/Investigation movie. Quite good if you are feeling down.

The man from nowhere: Great action film.

Train to Busan: If he likes these kind of films there is a great  possibility that he will  love  this. It is amazing.

I can suggest:

Memories of Murder

Old Boy (maybe not for a first K-movie but definitely try it if the person does end up liking K-movies...)


I second 'Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of war' and 'The Man from Nowhere'

My Way

These are more serious movies but you want to start with something compelling to get him interested. They are well-made movies so it's a good start. 

Almost forgot to mention:

A Hard Day (Fast-paced Crime/Action thriller) - easy to watch with some dark comedy. 

If you could give examples of movies that he likes or dislikes, it would make it easier to give recommendations.

If you just want a list of popular Korean movies, here are some that you may want to consider:

My Sassy Girl (2001)
Oldboy (2003)
Memories of Murder (2003)
A Tale of Two Sisters (2003)
3-Iron (2004)
Castaway on the Moon (2009)
Poetry (2010)

what kmovie do best is thriller, so yeah my recommendation would include

memories of murder - i would never hesitate to recommend this masterpiece.

and then next is the vengeance trilogy. cant mention korean thirller movie without mentioning this trillogy. sympathy for mr. vengeance, oldboy, and lady vengeance - while not on the same level as memories of murder they are still one of the best revenge thirller out there.

3-iron - one of my fav movie and one of the best ive seen in my life. this is also the movie that got me into korean movie. its a very unique romance story and it really distinct itself further apart from other romance movie or even movie in general by having the two main character barely speaking any words through the entire movie, the soundwork and music in this movie just make it better.

breathless - the premise is nothing sort of grandiose, just a story of a run of the mill street thug and an ordinary highschool girl. but dont let that fool you, the atmosphere, the tension, the emotion, the swearing the message it carry are all more than deserve your time. and did i mention the swearing, this movie have so many swearing dialogue that you prob wont pass a min without hearing a single swear word. best slice of life movie imo.

other recommendation 

- thriller : no mercy (it has such a fck up twist), house of the disappeared (its horror but actually more of a mystery and thirller)

- romance : addicted (prob gonna spook some romance watcher lul)