i need a drama where the male lead doesn’t mean to fall in love with the fl but he accidentally does and he doesn’t want to. he has to dislike her at first but starts to like her 

Sounds like some Japanese dramas, most Korean dramas, and all Thai dramas.. 

I wanted to recommend Healer and Clean With Passion for Now as well, but then I saw that you're already watching CWPFN and you dropped the other one. :D So here is what I found on my Completed list which could fit the description of "he doesn't mean to fall for her, but it happens" (as far as I remember):

  • Only Side By Side With You: he wanted to use her (for revenge), but then he fell for her.
  • Rebel: Thief Who Stole The People: he claimed at first that he didn't see the female lead as a woman.. that ended up being false.
  • Secret Love Affair:  she is a married piano professor, he is her student.

Miss in kiss: he didn’t wanted to even talk to her, but because of circumstances he fell for her.

i have some drama related with that.

1. kiss me ( thai drama )

2. itazurana kiss. they have 2 season, love in tokyo and love in okinawa, both of season are really good for me (japanese drama)

3. A love so beautiful (chinese drama)

4. miss in kiss ( it's taiwan if i'm not wrong)

5. fall in love with the first kiss. its a chinese movie but worth to watch,

all the drama i recommends are about stupid girl falling in love with genius guy but the he doesnt like her and feel want to get rid of her, but with all the circumstances he fell for her. 

another drama u should watch 

6. our times ( chinese drama) this the best drama among the others for me. it make me cry in the end. a little bit different from others, but still good :)))

hope it can help u.

Happy watching:)