I don't know if anyone else did this before but—

Mention the asian drama that everyone else HATED but you LOVED! 

Let's get started!

For me it's The Great Seducer and Kill It. 

The Third Charm, I know it have it's bad points but I have liked the unusual plot.

Cinderella and The Four Knights

Mary Stayed Out All Night

Playful Kiss

Love Rain 

Bel Ami I like it but won't watch it again (rated 6.6). 

*I probably like most of this bec of the actors



Princess Wei Young

The K2

Healer *I don't hate it,but I don't get the hype*

Empress Ki


All Gender Bender dramas

I think you misunderstood the title of this thread. 


I think you misunderstood the title of this thread. 

Ohhhh crap thanks....

Moorim School


Cruel Romance

Moon Lovers


Beautiful Mind

On the Way to the Airport

It's not drama but movie

Alice_ Boy from Wonderland

I saw a lot negetive comment on that page.

I don't know if movies count, but!

- Death Tube for me, was awfully ridiculous. But I have this syndrome of "loving really bad and cringey stuff", so that might be me, BUT! I can't wait until I can watch the second part. Most people seem so disappointed with this movie, but for me, it was full of laughs and I *did* feel the suspense at like.. Two parts.

I don't know, sure. It's not a good movie. Hell, it's not a great movie.

The acting is bad, the story is bad, everything is bad, but.. I  had fun watching it. I would definitely recommend it to my friends. 

I'm the person who LOVED Killer Klowns from Outer Space (check it out on Netflix!), which I watched 14 times in a row (NO shame), so I might be a sucker for bad horror movies, but seriously.

Give Death Tube a try, but watch it with a bit of irony. And you'll love it :D

I'm sorry that this turned into a review, lmao... Might actually turn it into a proper one sometime.

The producers 


On the way to the airport

Big, Manhole, Missing 9, Man who sets the table, Let me introduce her, Love in Sadness

Let me introduce her, Just between lovers and The great seducer. 

Cheese In The Trap