For me, the most recent dramas I dropped or discontinued watching: 

Meteor Garden (2018) - I really liked this one, in the beginning. I loved the main leads so much, I think they were so perfect and had incredible chemistry. I watched around 21 episodes before suddenly feeling like I couldn't understand the storyline anymore or relate and connect with the characters in any real way. 

She Was Pretty (2015) - Also loved this one up until the point of when she began to dress / wear her make up differently because she finally learned how to? I wonder why, even though her personality didn't have to change, her appearance always did (might just be me. I didn't finish it so I have no idea but this is how I felt personally. I also saw the Chinese remake of this and heard that it was critically panned? I didn't watch it all, once again, but it really didn't seem so awful during the episodes I did see) 

Suspicious Partner (2017) - I believe I watched around 3-4 episodes of this and instantly couldn't relate or connect with the storyline and felt that it started out...just not right for me. But I love the main leads and they're just so lovely! 

A Love So Beautiful (2017) - was around 3-4 months ago when I started isolating and locking myself in my room again, that I started binge watching this. I fell in love with it and was familiar with the female lead after seeing her previously in Meteor Garden. I loved it right up until they left school and then I felt the storyline just didn't make sense anymore and that out of the school environment, they didn't have much chemistry anymore and weren't supposed to be together? 

Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me (2017) - I couldn't get past the first 10 minutes. I feel like the storyline was really slow paced and I just didn't like the storyline as a whole, could not connect with the characters...*sighs* I wish I could be better at this and give these dramas a chance. 

Goblin (2016?) - This was breathtaking. I was watching around once a week whilst it was currently airing, though it was torture waiting for the episodes to come online. I went all the way up to the episode when the female lead is staying in a hotel room or an apartment? And can see where this is going, can't you?...Yup, you got it... suddenly storyline made no sense, and I felt like she wasn't being true to herself even though I have no idea why I felt this way and I didn't like the way the storyline was heading ????

Moon River (2015?) - The female lead was so cute and kooky to me. I adore her so much then and still do now. But I felt like there wasn't any romance and the storyline was quite slow, so I just stopped watching overnight and never went back to continue this one, sadly. 


It seems like I don't seem to enjoy or find the most popular dramas memorable? I have heard so many people talk about these dramas and absolutely love them and I just....don't understand? I am not slating these dramas in any way. I have NEVER seen one Asian drama in my life that I have absolutely hated. I adore them all to some extent and appreciate every single one of them. 

I have never seen Cheese In The Trap, or Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, Oh My Venus, Introverted Boss or any of the other popular dramas almost everyone seems to love. I always only seem to really enjoy dramas nobody really talks about like She Is Beautiful (Chinese. So underrated that it's sad) and so many others and again, don't know why?

  • My ID is Gangnam Beauty (2018)-Great idea, bad execution. Actors are so boring
  • Encounter (2018) -I loved the location shots, loved it when they went back to Korea, but it got repetitive, I put it on hold but I thought it wasn't worth wasting my time
  • I picked up a Star on the Road (2018)- I felt it romanticized Stockholm syndrome, just an unhealthy relationship

Lawless Lawyer- It was just too boring for me, it didn't grab my attention and I didn't like the romance part. They got together really quick. I love Lee Joon Ki but this drama just wasn't for me. 

Man to Man- it was too long, maybe if it was a short drama it would be better, I feel like the story wasn't enough for so many episodes, also I just don't understand why would ML fall in love with FL and I found some scenes that were supposed to be funny rather awkward 

Believe it or not I've dropped 180 shows and movies. I get bored easily. I even dropped famous kdrama such as Goblin and Descendant of The Sun. Just today, I dropped Joseon Survival on ep 6, I didn't like the story and the characters.

I've got 20 dramas to list but one thing I noticed is that some of them are slice of life dramas which I find boring - The Third Charm, Temperature of Love, One Spring Night, The Secret Life of my Secretary, Your House Helper, Shall we live together, The Producers...

Goblin got annoying when people started crying over their past lives and DOTS was good at eps 6-12 but lost interest when they came back to Korea in the end

  • My ID is Gangnam Beauty (2018)-Great idea, bad execution. Actors are so boring
  • Encounter (2018) -I loved the location shots, loved it when they went back to Korea, but it got repetitive, I put it on hold but I thought it wasn't worth wasting my time
  • I picked up a Star on the Road (2018)- I felt it romanticized Stockholm syndrome, just an unhealthy relationship

yeah Encounter was boring for me, I just liked the Cuba parts. The last 2 eps were draggy with their breakup  (fast forwarded to the main parts) just watched for the romance as the plot wasn't so interesting for me 

The most recent drama I dropped was One Spring Night. I couldn’t get pass the whole cheating element

here's my dropped dramas:

  • meteor garden (18/50 episodes): honestly, long dramas are really not for me, the plot starts to become too dragged out and when the slice of life type of episodes are not extremely well executed i'm easy to bore. i liked the characters but eventually, the plot was just over and over the same sort of "small conflict, superficial fighting, superficial makeup, repeat".
  • a love so beautiful (10/16 episodes): i had similar problems committing to a show which had way too many scenes which were not plot-related. it was irrelevant to have so many things that were not adding to the character development or the plot progression.
  • best wedding (7/16 episodes): oh my gosh please do yourself a favor and don't start this drama. my innocent self thought if we're like 80% compatible according to netflix, this should be fine. i tried to stand by my policy of giving dramas like 5 episodes or so, but it was really a pain to watch. the characters were not really empathetic or at least i could not connect with them whatsoever.
  • ms.temper and mr. nam jung gi (5/16 episodes): i think this was one of the dramas i would have been able to stick it out for and last for longer but i didn't want to. there are so many quality dramas out there, there's really no point in staying with ones which don't really satisfy me or will be enjoyable while i watch them. as i watched this drama i kept myself busy with so many other things.

i used to have a policy of not leaving any dramas unfinished, but now i think that its sort of a waste of my time to spend it on episodes which i'm not even enjoying when my "plan to watch" list keeps growing and growing.

Because This Is My First Life (6/16) - This drama tried to be really woke, but for me, ended up being a pretentious mess! I really hated the female lead, Ji Ho. She was selfish, annoying & a bloody entitlement princess. Can't stand women like that, neither in my dramas nor real life! I don't get the hype over this drama, personally, but to each their own!

Goblin (10/16) - I dropped this for like 6 months until I forced myself to finish it for the 2019 Watch Challenge. I was bored out of my skull most of the time. This drama just did not move me in any way. Very sad to say because I love Gong Yoo!

Queen In-Hyun's Man (15/16) - I rage quit this with only one episode left to watch because I got tired of the constant separation of the leads. A little (maybe a lot) silly of me, but it is what it is. This was supposed to be this epic romance drama, but every time the leads are about to have some sweet couple moments, disaster strikes! Got tired of it.

A love so beautiful - Get tired with the heroine crazy antics to get acknowledged by the guy

W - I like Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo. But the story is getting weirder and I can't feel the chemistry with the lead couple. I dropped at ep 3

Misty - Despite the hype, I think this drama is just not for my taste. Too dark and I don't like the heroine personality either. 

God Quiz season 2. Season 1 was okay. But season 2 become absurd. The police are working really slow and the cases are boring. The main couple has no chemistry and the romance is just forced. I think they should have a focus on the cases and just edit the romance all out completely. 

Every drama with Nice guy or stupid  tomboy/ugly hyper girl i cant relate to them so i drop them

The Girl who sees smells the main idea of drama is very good but the writer couldn't develop story very well...and it gets draggy for favorite character was Villain and I only root for him xD

I’ve dropped other shows as well, but these three stick out to me the most. 

Angel’s Last Mission: Love- The main female lead was one of the rudest characters I’ve ever seen. She was nice to literally no one, even the man who essentially raised her after her parents died. Her life was tragic but that’s not an excuse to treat everyone like dirt. 

Go Go Squid-The female lead basically stalks the male lead, even if it was unintentional. She doesn’t dissuade people who falsely believe she is already dating the male lead when she wasn’t and it didn’t sit too well with me. She only got away with it since she’s a cute character. There were also too many repetitive flashbacks of the male lead’s past that could have been explained more quickly. 

One Well Raised Daughter- The main female lead had significantly better chemistry with the second male lead who the actress actually ended up dating in real life. The plot was good but that was one of the worst cases of second male lead syndrome for me so I had to stop watching.