Hello There, 

Can anyone please recommend any good drama's or movies with the accidental baby acquisition trope?  I'm not sure if this has been asked before but I am just a sucker for this trope or anything with kids as a central plot point. 

The only good one I have managed to watch so far is Terius Behind Me. 

Dramas where guys specifically find out belatedly they fathered a child:

  • Autumn Concerto
  • Loving never forgetting
  • Wonderful Life
  • Only You
  • Oh my Lady
  • My love Eundong - child not the central plot

Dramas where lead ends up getting close with a child of their significant other

  • Marriage contract
  • Jang Bori is here
  • One spring Night
  • Thank you
  • Zenkai girl
  • Hogoo's Love

Definitely check out the movie Baby and I. 

"Sunny Happiness" is an enjoyable Taiwan drama with a divorced man who learns eight years later that his ex was expecting when they broke up.

"Trot Lovers" has the arrogant male singer quietly doing kind things for the much younger sister of the FL while regarding the older sister as a pain in the neck.

Thanks Guys, ya'll are awesome :)