Hi! I'm interested in doing english subtitles for Jdrama. My japanese is intermediate. I'm looking for light stuffs like rom-com or slice-of-life drama to start with. Just trying to improve my japanese.. and find a new hobby. Anyway, really appreciate if you got any suggestions. Thanks!!

You can always check out if a particular drama is subbed or not here: https://fansub.d-addicts.com/Jdrama_Fansub_Map.

Jdorama subbers usually post their subs on D-Addicts Forum (registration needed) or on their own sites (some use free blogs like WordPress or Blogspot or LJ, others opt for paid web-hosting service).

A word to the wise. Pirates like Kiss Asian, Dramacool and myriad others will get their hands on your subs if you made them available publicly. They will claim your work as their own, and most people watching via their sites would probably clueless about who actually created them. I know that some subbers find that disheartening, so just prepare yourself for it.

Oh, and some Jdorama subbers have account here. Maybe you can try contact them, in case they're open to give you some advice? Some subbers that I know of who seem to be active around here: OldAnimeLady, YoshihiroStepper, HPriest, togepi

Good luck!

I just want to say good looking out!! The dorama community def needs more translators and thanks in advance for doing this under-appreciated work. Ganbatte!!

Thank you for the information and support kura2ninja and ShotaSidePart! I did my first fansub for the first episode of Busu no Hitomi ni Koishiteru on D-Addicts Forum. If you're interested for a romance-comedy I would recommend this drama (featuring EXILE Naoto and Tomita Miu)! Thanks guys, I owe it to you!