What drama do you think is the best since the beginning of 2019 up to now? 

100% the best drama of 2019 for me is The Story of Ming Lan. It technically started airing in 2018 but it was on Christmas day so it was the very end. It blew every other drama I've seen out of the water. My new favorite drama of all time. 

Some honorable mentions that I've loved this year:

Goodbye My Princess

Arthdal Chronicles

All is Well

Love and Destiny

The best c-drama for me. OTP moments had me squealing!


I don't know. I would have had to watch all 2019 dramas to come up with that answer. O.o

Arthdal Chronicles - hands down the best drama of 2019! It has everything; talented cast, intricate and complex storyline & worldbuilding, dynamic and interesting characters, as well as top-notch cinematography. 

I've only watched about ten or so from 2019 since I only started watching Asian dramas about a year ago and have plenty of content to keep me occupied from previous years. Still, my top drama right now is The Untamed. 

Number 1 drama of 2019 for me is Yong Jiu Grocery Store

There are other dramas that came close and I rated them 9/10 but nothing beats my Grocery Store

Definitely Hotel del Luna for me

The Untamed for C-drama

Arthdal Chronicles for K-drama


Love and Destiny

The best c-drama for me. OTP moments had me squealing!

Does it have a happy ending? The trailer and opening song shows lots of crying and melodrama. Is it worth watching? Thanks in advance.

Theory of Love and The King's avatar 

The Nokdu Flower (Mung Bean Flower)

For me I would go The Untamed for C-dramas

Then  Extraordinary you for K-drama's

Both of these drama instantly became a favorite of mine