I don’t know if this topic already exists (probably...), all credit to the creator. 

Basically it’s dramas/movies that you rate 10/10.  :)

You could explain why you like this drama/movie and if you recommend it.

I will begin: Dream High 1...

Dramas: My huckleberry friends, Nodame, lovely Sam Soon, Nirvana in Fire, Nigeru

Movies: Memories of Murder, Bad Genius, Love Exposure, the chaser, the throne, Ichi the killer

Here are my "better than 10"s


And here are the tens:


Date - Koi to wa Donna Mono Kashira 

Miss Korea

Ms Temper and Nam Jung Gi

My Only Love Song



My 10/10...

...Dramas (A to Z):  


My Country: The New Age


My Mister

...Movies (A to Z):

Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds


KUNDO: Age of the Rampant

My Brilliant Life (a.k.a. My Palpitating Life)

The Beauty Inside

*The King and the Clown

The Servant

Train to Busan

* - My All-Time, absolute, #1 Favorite

Where can I watch The king and the Clown?

I might've rated The Last Empress a 10 until the last 4 eps happened... 

 Really helpful:

Where can I watch The king and the Clown?

DramaCool - The King and the Clown

KissAsian - The King and the Clown

I hope you enjoy it!

The Gifted

It’s  a suspense-high school life Thai drama. It’s really interesting we could relate in some situations (how school is unfair between the “good students” and the “bad students”, how school could be tough, oppressing and depressing, I know they’re all bad situations..)

Chief Kim - is my all-time favorite

closely followed by Doctor Prisoner, Stranger, Catch the Ghost

Movies: Along with the Gods (series); and Midnight Runners, 

The Gifted - It's still my favorite thai drama.

Project S: Side by Side - For me it has a really good written and worked really well with the characters and their conflicts.

Chicago Typewriter - My favorite kdrama so far. It's incredible. The cinematography, the storyline, the characters, the mystery, etc. I got really attached to this drama. It is a masterpiece!

The Stranded - This series is breathtaking and I particularly couldn't give it something else than 10.

The Fiery Priest  

Funniest for sure, so  many LOL moments along with great characterization.  I became a Kim Nam Gil after watching this drama.   Can't wait for Season 2!

The only drama I've ever given a 10 to is The Story of Ming Lan.

Nirvana in Fire because it's Nirvana in Fire.

I have a lot of 10s lol, but these are my top three for dramas and movies


MARS - acting, emotional story line, chemistry between the leads, music—it's all there!

Healer - action, sweet romance between the leads, slight humor added here and there to not make it feel serious the whole time? all check! plus, the chemistry between ji chang took and park min young is one of my all time favorites!

Weightlifting Fairy KBJ - you want something light and fluffy to give you all the feels? this is the perfect drama! it's also very relatable, imo, and has its serious moments but, overall, it's a light drama that will make you root for the two leads until the end.

Movies (I don't watch a lot of movies, so this wasn't as hard to pick lol):

Better Days - I recently watched this and omg, after a few minutes in, I could already tell I was gonna give it a 10. It has a heartbreaking story line, with a powerful message and the acting felt so real and believable! It's not for everyone as there were some moments I found difficult to watch, but I would definitely recommend this!

My Ex and Whys - the main leads used to be a couple so this movie basically follows the aftermath of how/why they broke up then meeting again years(?) later and communicating the misunderstanding from years back. LizQuen is my favorite Filipino love team so I'm always biased to their dramas/movies lol but, if you haven't tried a Filipino drama/movie, I would definitely recommend starting with this! It has a sweet rom-com feel.

The Hows of Us - Kathniel is another popular Filipino love team and I love how they're always trying new things with each project they do and this one is more on the serious side with light moments here and there, but I'd also recommend this!