I'm a Filipino and I lived in the Philippines, and all I can say is that I think his propagandist and rule has been quite hard in the economy and anti-urban poor (which makes up a big big part of our country)

So with the drug issue, I am all for anti-drug movement but the way that his movement happened was the killing of thousand of mass urban poor who cling to drug due to monetary means or maybe its their  way of life or sometimes its an escapism movement due to the harsh life in squatter areas. the people who live in poverty die by the hundred without them being stated their miranda rights nor their cases being tried in court.. or their name being mentioned anywhere. They just end up being 1 in the thousand people killed who 'resisted' arrest. A statistics number. 

In contrast, you will never hear news of cartel lords or mob bosses death in connection to drugs. Usually if the gorvernment hits up drug mobs, they would be in the news, but there has been nothing of that sort in the philippines. The best example of how current government operates is how different a celeb is treated. One celeb who came from celeb parents got arrested for drugs, there was investigation but he was never jailed. They used reasons that he as 1kilo of medical marijuan as a year supply for cancer. He carried his 1 year supply in his car, and he was never sentenced. And now he is back in our current TV shows. If a simple poor street walker was caught 1 with just a gram of marijuana, we will be like the 1 in thousand unnamed suspected drug pusher. A part of statistics. 

I have long ago, stopped watching the news or updates on its fight against drugs. Reading, watching and hearing about thousands of resisting suspected drug users/pushers/dealers killed. This kinda makes one numat how they define it as  good governance and a movement for a better Philippines

And whether marijuana is legal in other countries or not, it is illegal here. The rich and poor should have the same process of investigation, indictment, punishment or freedom with regards to drugs casses.

 That is not the case with president duterte's fight on drugs! It favors the rich and condemns and kills the poor.

Drugs is still ramphant, whether the goverment admits or not. But justice is skewed more so against the poor and powerless

Yes, I am from Canada. I just tell these people who is asking me about Duterte that "Duterte is a dictator while Trudeau is a celebrity." Totally different type of government and personality. I don't understand when someone is in Philippines, you will most likely to do something against the law. That you need someone as strong as Duterte for people to respect the law. But when someone is in another country, they become discipline and highly obedient people. Drug Addiction is not just the Philippines' problem. It is in every country. 

Are you from Canada? I’m living in Canada too. In my view, I’m totally ok with the legalization of marijuana as it will be better regulated once legalized. Yet, I’m against with the drug killings that is happening in the Philippines. I feel like they should be locked up in jails instead of just killing them.