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just found these videos on YouTube with arashi doing these challenges or so. I watched sone woth matsuJun and someone do these things that one does wrong and the other does right. Im wondering does Arashi have a tv show?
Heres one with Kazuya Kamenashi and Jun matsumoto

As for what I know, Arashi has two TV shows they host as a group:
-Arashi ni shiyagare, from which is extract the photo above and ptobably the video you've seen on YT
- VS Arashi, a game show. 

some members also have show on their own/ with other hosts than Arashi members. 
Do you know where I can find either of these shows. There are clips on youtube I know but I want to see episodes. Arashi has been my favorite J-pop group since like 2006. I just love them! It is harder and harder to find their stuff on youtube TT
I don't really know either, I'm trying either Yt Either Dailymotion but it has become hard to watch their show. I think somd groups have them on livejournal or o  FB or any other social network, but I can't be of any help here. Maybe other Mdl members can help. 
I know a private tracker that has a bunch of eps from both shows. I don't follow any variety, though, so I never have paid attention to whether they're up to date or not, in order, etc. you can message me if interested. 
There are tons of communities in Livejournal and some in Dreamwidth. Only that most of them are very strict (at the beginning I was like WTH, I just want to watch their shows, but well, it is what it is). Some of these communities ask you several questions before they approve for you to join them. It is sometimes a PITA, but it is worth it.
On youtube and dailymotion you can find the RAW episodes specially the ones from VS Arashi. And for subbed episodes look at this index, they will direct you to the livejournal communities who sub the videos and then you'll have to apply for membership on each community depending on their rules.

Other Variety Show by Arashi 


  • 3.1Nippon Television
    • 3.1.1Mayonaka no Arashi
    • 3.1.2C no Arashi
    • 3.1.3D no Arashi
    • 3.1.4G no Arashi
    • 3.1.5Arashi no Shukudai-kun
    • 3.1.6Arashi ni Shiyagare
  • 3.2Fuji Television
    • 3.2.1Nama Arashi: Live Storm
    • 3.2.2Arashi no Waza-Ari
    • 3.2.3Mago Mago Arashi
    • 3.2.4GRA
    • 3.2.5VS Arashi
  • 3.3Tokyo Broadcasting System
    • 3.3.1Himitsu no Arashi-chan

I have the last 2 episodes of G no Arashi On my hard drive cause even without subs it was funny, it seemed like they went out and did experiments and stuff.