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Hi everyone. I wonder if anyone here have experience with working holiday visa.  Does anybody know anything about "boobooski.com"? I want to apply for work there and i need opinion if it's a good choice. Or could you reccomend me and other site? I'm Polish btw so I don't know if i have the same chance of getting job as some of you. Thank you for response ^^

Hi, I was living in Japan last year with a working holiday visa. I never heard about that boobooski.com, so I can't tell you anything about that. In general I can tell you that it is quite hard to get a job if you can't speak Japanese that well. For example my Japanese was really bad so it was quite hard to get a job. Most of the jobs you can get is teaching English. If you have at least N4 your chances for a job are much bigger. :)

I would be interested in that. The pay is very poor but as long as tehy arent overworking you, I can imagine it could be avery fun experience. Of course, if they worked you 7 days a week 10 hours a day...  it would kinda be slavery at that pay rate lol