Which one is better?

Which one have you watched more of? 

I'm not into anime. There are maybe two or so I saw years ago that I enjoyed but otherwise it's not really my preferred medium.

I definitely prefer dramas and have watched a lot more of them.

Watched slightly more anime, prefer drama, used to prefer anime.

If you wanted an objective answer, I would say best anime is better than best drama but in general drama is better.

I used to watch anime a lot and i like them and After watching a lot of them i came to live action of those and then watched drama soooo i would say anime. But drama is also great so yeah! Prefer both but if i have to chose then anime because i have watched them more. 

Depends on my mood, i still read Seven Deadly sins Manga and every week the latest episode of Boruto.  I have watched Tons of Anime over the past 20 years so Drama are new and shiny for me right now.  Maybe I should post my questionaire I did at the convention and see how many people can pass it.  (the prizes I handed out were authentic Japanese Candy)

Anime vs Drama, 

which one is better? ; For me anime is better. I like when all the manga, manhwa that i read become anime. sometime what we imagine cant be show in drama/ live action and anime can do that. Mochiron, drama also have a lot of charms. But for me anime is no 1.

Which one you have watch more? ;The amount of anime that i have watched is the almost same as the amount of k- dramas that i watched. But if i were to add c/j/tw/thai drama and  shows plus all the live actions / tokusatsu and eng series, i can say i watched drama more. BTW, anime that i have watched are around 300+.

Now i kind of stop watching anime and only watch drama. I believe i will watch anime again since i am an anime lover. And usually when i start watching anime again, i will stop watching dramas, and vice versa. This cicle will usually repeated over and over again. LOL

I could watch both. I haven't got a preference for either.

loved anime since I was a kid (DBZ, Sailormoon, Pokemon, Yu Gi Oh, etc.) but now I watch k-dramas more. I still love both but I guess I like watching dramas because I'm watching real actors/actresses and can relate more to them than anime characters. 

I originally fell in love with anime and manga as a kid... eventually I found  asian drama but not until many many years later. I think currently I am infatuated with drama, but I still enjoy reading manga frequently. They're both entertaining in their unique ways, so I can't really chose a winner between the two. 

Anime shows perfect emotions and details that I need. Anime no doubt!

I prefer anime and I have definitely watched more of it. That’s mostly because I’ve been watching anime as a kid, and have only just recently started really watching dramas. I think both have their own strengths and weaknesses, but anime is still my go to when I want to watch something. I have to be in a very specific mood to watch dramas. 

Anime and drama series are two different mediums. Dramas have these 'limitations' that animation can actually do, like for example some symbolic/exaggerated scenes (e.g. those things that surround Chitanda in Hyouka) that can make the drama scene look cringe-y. Or so unnatural. Except perhaps those slapstick (J-)dramas that do try to deliver such scenes from comedy series. I guess people can connect more to dramas because, well, the actors on screen are humans, too.

In any case, I watch more anime because I enjoy a lot of shounen series which are actually difficult to adapt to drama series (e.g. Haikyuu, Boku no Hero Academia, Magi). I also read manga series. It all comes down to my mood, though there are more times when I'm in the mood to watch anime or read manga so there's less time for me to watch drama series. 

Each has its own points.  You need to watch both at times.

Drama is  a must for romance with all its variation. Also for family moments and stuffs.

Anime is for fantasy and action. Although good anime= manga so its basically manga that I care about.

In terms of pure quality, anime(manga) is way better than drama. There are many classic and unique anime(manga) that can be considered as world class level. But I cant tell about even 1 drama(japan, korea, etc.) that is really good like  Game Of Throne or Inception level.

Before i discover the Dramaland i used to binge a lot of anime because it only took 23 - 25mins per episodes.
Right now, Im stuck in Dramas I find them Interesting although some are aren't.

Talking about game of thrones, theres a new chinese drama called kings and tribes..........real good