I don't know if this has been discussed before or if this is a proper channel to talk about.

But I can't just ignore my thoughts I've been keeping for years. Today I watched Norigae, and I can't help myself anymore but want to know what your guys thoughts about this as well.

  1.  Does talent agencies lure new talents and make an unfair contract for them, in exchange for being famous, job offers, and luxurious lifestyle? I see that a lot of celebrities are not interested in relationship, let alone marriage (maybe because they want, but afraid for whatever reasons they hide)
  2. I know not all female celebrities are being forced to 'serve' wealthy men as for sake of job offers or investment in their talent agency. But I can't erase my thoughts some female celebrities are doing it voluntarily. How serious is this though?
  3. Are celebrities dating just some stunt? Sorry if i'm being rude but I can't help myself but to think that way. I know a lot of them have pure and genuine love, but beauty is such a high maintenance especially the ones who do surgery, they will need infinite money for maintenance and service. So, stunts are needed for more money.

Thanks, sorry if this is not proper.