I am determined to learn a new language and I have taken aliking to the Thai culture and language! What are some of your recommendations? Apps that you like? What have you found to be useful when learning a new  language?

P.S. I would love to make some new friends as well! :)


I've been learning Thai for almost a year (by myself) and I've gone through countless apps and tbh most of them were not very helpful.

The app that I found to be BY FAR the most helpful is HelloTalk. You can directly connect with Natives and learn from them. You can't take any lessons or anything like that but by connecting with other users and talking to them regularly you really learn a lot. You can send voice clips, exchange calls and even video chat. For me it's been the most effective way to learn.  And in exchange, you can help them learn your language. Also all of the people that I've met are super nice! You should try it out! :)

hey I have never tried to learn Thai before but lately I have been wanting to to know how to learn and what apps would be helpful! The languages I speak is Spanish and English! Also willing to make a new friend.

I wish to learn Thai too but its Tonelanguage ,u need to learn with students so that u dont feel embarrassed when trying to say the words thats my opinion but i second Hello Talk  .

Thanks for telling me:)

I am Thai.  People that I know told me the Thai language is very easy to learn because there is no complex grammar structure.  I know several people can speak relative good Thai after studying it just for six months!! 

Thats really amazing actually;) thank you for telling me