I can't even begin to explain how much I hate her character. Like, I'm at lost of words for how evil Seol Ri is. 

Though this also means that Park Han Byul is doing a great job acting her role. 

1. How dare she steals someone else's husband; in fact how dare she steals something that's not even hers. That really triggered me.

2. How dare she blames Hae Gang for getting in between her "love" for Jin Eon. Seriously b****, your unrequited love is worth breaking up a couple?

3. She's such a hypocrite. She literally breaks up Hae Gang and Jin Eon without feeling any bit of sorry for it, then has the guts to guilt-trip Hae Gang, who lost her memories, for adultery.

I'm a few seconds away from jumping into the screen to strangle Seol Ri. Honestly, she is just the worst. 

Did I miss anything on my list?

I have no clue what you are trying to say. LOL RIP
Well done park Han Byul. XD
So..which drama is this?
aren't you talking about I Have a Lover?  I HATE HER TOO!  You also missed the fact that she doesn't even want Hae Gang to be with  Seok,she became really irrelevant in the most recent episodes. Now that Hae Gang has her memories back there is no messing with her.
I am pretty sure she will blame Hae Kang if she finds out she is sick too. 
I loathe her too! but she probably won't be going anywhere until like final 4 eps

The fact that she tries to act as the victim is what drives me insane. I mean, if you're going to mess around with other people's husbands at least own it! Don't try to rationalize the stuff and blame it on others. No matter how unhappy, dysfunctional, or whatever, a marriage is, there's NOTHING that justifies messing around with the spouse of another. 

I totally agree!  I'm only in ep 5 and I can't stand watching her charactor.   Jin Eon is no better the way i see it,  being in a loveless marriage doesn't make him right to have an affair.    It'll take me awhile to get to ep 50, will see how everything ends.