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Hey everyone!

I came across the site a while ago, while I was looking  into a japanese drama, and quickly became obsessed (with the site).

Its a great place for finding news, and discovering new films and shows, but on top of that there is a community of friendly like minded people that I would love to be a part of.

I'm still really new to the subject, but I've been interested in asian films and dramas since Iwas little, and would like to explore it further and contri ute to this amazing community.

Hello, Felix! Welcome to MDL. I hope you will enjoy your time on here. 

MDL is a great website for Asian dramas and movies. I was pleasantly surprised to see the amount of information it had.

it's one of the best sites to meet other drama fans (: welcome to MDL, Felix!

Welcome to MDL Felix!! I'm hope you'll have a great time here and i'm sure you'll discover so many amazing dramas and movies :) 

It's a great site to get lost in for days!

Hi Welcome to mydramalist

Jdramas <3 and hello

Hi Felix StJames  (^ - ^) ノ

Welcome to MDL;  Nice to meet you! ^^