My name is Rii. I really wanna make friends but I'm afraid it'll be creepy to randomly send messages.


I like watching Korean & Japanese dramas whenever I get the time. (CURSE COLLEGE!)

I recently got into BL dramas, so I've been binging Thai BL and some Chinese.

I'm also a hardcore ARMY.

                                                                      ㅡ  jin biased in case u were wonderin'

I do listen to other groups but I prefer krnb & khiphop.

Hit me up as I don't know how to interact on here, lol.

I'm also learning Korean on my own.


hello :) I am looking to make friends who into Korean drama :) I just send you a friend request :) 

Hi, Rii! ^^ 

I'm also into Korean dramas (and recently got into historical Chinese dramas), Krnb and Khiphop. I'm also learning Korean. ^^

Hi Rii =) I sent you friend request ... Its nice that you have gotten into BL dramas, as for me I have only seen one which is SOTUS..and I fell in love :)

I watch 99% japanese and will friend anyone that sends me a request.

Hi there, Rii! 

I felt the same way a few weeks ago when I first got into Asian TV and came across MDL. Now, a few weeks later, granted my friends list is short, I'm more comfortable posting on the forums and the feeds.

I see a bunch of people enjoying what I am liking and striking up a conversation that way or sending a friend request after that doesn't seem very creepy.

Good luck meeting new drama addicts on here! Hwaiting! <3

Hi chingu

Am also learning korean on my own. 

Hi! Nice to meet you 

I am also into Kdramas and Japanese dramas. 

I started watching BL a few months ago. I also watched anime, but I am really picky and I can't find anything that interests me at the moment.

I am an ARMY too (I haven't got a bias because it's not possible).

I also enjoy movies (more than dramas - at the moment-)

Sorry for my english

I want to make friends too, but I´m just too shy so I´m waiting for people to randomly message me lol

Hello Im xiao buo buo, I like korean dramas, and chinese shows

Heeey :) I'm Red and I watch Korean, Chinese, Philippines,  Thai and some Japanese dramas. I like BTS and VIXX <3 

Heyy I've been on MDL for a month now but idk how to go about making friends either ;( 

I watch Korean and Japanese dramas (just got into Japanese and I'm totally vibing) 

Can't seem to get into Thai for some reason but I like a few Chinese and Taiwanese ones! 

I LOVE bigbang and I'd definitely say my bts bias is taehyung (V)

Hi fellow ARMY! My bias changes almost daily, today it's Suga. I like other groups too like monstaX,  big bang and EXO. I've been on the site for a while but I'm usually too shy to make friend requests. I also learn Korean in my free time.

Hey there! Don't be shy, people around here are amazing! I find that if someone comments on my feed, or I see something in their feed, list, or article that is interesting and I'd like to discuss it, or if we have something in common, I'll just drop them a line saying so.

I also accept all friend requests -- I'm a Kdrama fan, but I'll check out anything if it's good. Excuse me for being old and out of the loop, but ARMY is BTS, right? I'm not much of a Kpop fan, but I like them quite a bit! LOL