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She is one of my favorite actress! Great Job, in "From five to nine" and "Rich Man, Poor Woman"

She's very beautiful! Out of all the things I watched her in, she was the best in "From 5 to 9"! The first time I watched her was in Shitsuren Chocolatier which was not the best way to be introduced to her since her character was horrible lol

I started liking her in From Five to Nine, and Going back to Rich Man Poor Woman where on her Younger Days as actress all i can say she keeping gorgeous.. im looking forward for more film and movies with her. <3 <3

Shes such an amazing actress. I love her acting in Shitsuren Chocolatier

Her acting with Matsumoto Jun are brilliant. I really love that live adaptation of the manga. Such great cast along with Mizuhara Kiko

I also like her a lot. And my recommendation would be Dear Sister. However, I totally agree with what you guys just recommended above. By the way, I really need to watch Shitsuren Chocolatier but I have too many dramas in progress.

One last thing, even if the subbing is very slow and not yet finished, you could try Jimi ni Sugoi, I think her acting is awesome.

I dont think shes that pretty tbh.

beautiful lady