Thank you all for your suggestions.

You have to watch GTO (1998), it's a masterpiece.
Trust me!

Thank you for the suggestions.  Looks Iike I've got quite a few dramas to get started on.  I'm going to take all your suggestions and just select a couple at random to start.

Watch Nobunaga Concerto tv series and then the movie.  It’s really good and it about a high school boy suddenly time jumped into sengoku period of time and he switched place with a lord look exactly like him to rule part of japan.

I personally loved Kuragehime (2018)

Whoa you have a lot. Out of all on your list the only one that I watched was Beautiful Life. I think it’s worth watching 

Orange & Beautiful life

1 Litre no Namida Special is a great one, if you want to feel sad.
I had to drop Akumu-Chan , if that helps at all.
BACK STREET GIRLS - Gokudoruzu  is hilarious!!  Recommend!
Koizora was a great movie, though, also sad.  Recommend!!
Ossan's Love I went ahead and linked you to the special, which I LOVED.  Haven't finished the actual series yet, because it didn't start off good for me.  Recommend!!
Ouran High School Host Club This show is so stupid and funny, very much following the anime, it's super cute.
River's Edge I loved the cast in this, mainly the ML, but really, it's just a dark, disturbing, weird movie.
Tokyo Vampire Hotel This series was pretty awesome.   It sort of came out of nowhere for me, and it's directed by one of my all time favorite directors, Sono Sion, so I was pretty easy going with it.  I can see how people can be critical of it, though, but to me, it was just a really fun watch.  It's free on Amazon Prime!

Bara no Nai Hanaya.  Interesting, because it contains a little bit of everything:  suspense, family life, and, of course, romance.   Definitely worth the watch.

I have a lot of recommendations here. Thank you very much everyone.  At the moment I am watching one or two completed dramas alongside the currently airing ones I'm interested in. I will use the suggestions here to help decide which ones to watch next.

-Buzzer Beat (romance.  watch even if u dont like basketball...)
-Love Shuffle (psychological)
-L♥DK (cute, and actually being remade)
-Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu (well done.  Precursor to Because this is my first life (KR))
-Nobunaga Concerto (funny and romantic)
-Nobuta Wo Produce (a classic)