I am searching for dramas with dark psychology theme. I find this theme more appealing in j dramas but if I find it in other countries no problem. I recently watched YOU ALWAYS INHABIT MY HEART   I really liked it 

Pls recommend me more 

I've noticed that some of them are already on you plan-to-watch list :)

Yeah, I have a lot but I don't know what to watch, I became confused. Thx for ur recommendations 

The Quiz Show is really good. I prefer the original but some people prefer the second series.

Also, if you don't mind a movie rec:

Helter Skelter

Thank you, I will watch these after I finish Ice World

suzuki sensei

  • +1 Ice World 

I wish Japan were still making dramas in this way. The way they make dramas now is okay, but back in the '90s their mojo was topnotch. I particularly liked how they incorporated the romance, without it taking anything away from the psychological element.  

I love this genre too, but much better in movies than dramas, personally. It's a genre that Japan excels at, as someone above mentions:

These are movies, but they will totally f#¤%! you up ... I'm sorry for the cussing, but no other word is appropriate to describe the mayhem in these films. They're a must for any fan of the psychological thriller genre!

  • Byakuyakou
  • Kozoku Game
  • Border

Kazoku game


Save me



Children of nobody

The guest

The gifted

What a great dramas, thx <3

I actually have a list of titles (mostly movies), where I'm sure some would probably be something you're looking for.  They all have some sort of element that I find disturbing and/or shocking.  Some VERY much more than others.  Not all of them I would consider dark psychological.  
Disturbing / Shocking (*Rated Order*) 

✔ hello monster 

✔ Gap Dong 

✔ Memoirs of a Murderer 

✔ Kiss that Kills 

✔ Missing Noir M 

✔ Love Me if You Dare 

✔ Day and Night 

EXTREMELY dark (18+) 

Last Winter We Parted 

I can't wait to watch them one after another, thank u a lot ^^