This thread is for the discussion of the drama Radiation House

As I cannot start a  thread in the general asia discussion thread I started it here : )

So how are you liking it so far?  

I am liking it so far, his expression are funny and I like that the "bad corporate doctor" really isn't all that bad.

where can i watch

also what programs did you use to sub stuff in the past

Radiation house is on kissasian..and most streaming sites.

I use aegis subs for my timing and type setting...and in case you thought I forgot still looking for a translator for yokoso, I have had three back out so far:)

I've watched 4 episodes so far, and except for some funny moments and expressions, I find it quite boring. It's so much like many other J-dramas, that I can't seem to find what's new with it (there's no problem with the fact there is nothing new in general, sometimes usual dramas are relaxing, but I'm wanting more at the moment). 

episode 3 and 4 were a bit better though, so I'll keep watching it.

Ill admit that it is slow,  I also had to find what it is I like about it, In terms of medical slice of life, with a side of goofy seemed to be where i was happiest.

When I was younger shows like St.Elsewhere were popular..this seems to fill that same niche.