can you recommend any recent crime drama  with a good plot and a satifying ending ? 

something new (2019/2018 with eng subs available)

From 2018:

  • Dele 
  • Dorokei
  • Kakuho no Onna 
  • Kuroido Goroshi
  • Mikaiketsu no Onna << HUGE fave
  • Miss Sherlock << fave
  • Signal
  • Unnatural << fave

From the current season, I'm really liking Sagideka so far. It's an ongoing drama but it's already being subbed  (jdrama fansub map 2019 should have the links)

+ Kansatsui Asagao (subs in progress as well according to fansub map) is heartwrenchingly good but it's slice of life rather than a crime drama.

  • Kiss that Kills 
  • In Hand 
  • Legal V 
  • Switched (more psychological than crime) 
  • Mr Hiiriagi's Class