hi! can anyone recommend some kdramas that are easy to follow/good plots? I would say lighthearted but some of these are far from that, but these are the ones I've watched so far. I'm an ABC so I prefer watching American and Chinese shows that I can just put in the background and listen while I do other things (severe ADHD) it's tough for me to find a drama that'll keep me engaged for days reading subtitles (don't judge pls). but here are the ones I've watched over the years and anything similar along the lines you can recommend after these would be greatly appreciated, I'm training myself to overcome this:,) if anyone needs cdrama recs I have hundreds hehe tysm~ 

2019: Love Alarm S1, parasite movie (I think?)

2020 quarantine: Chocolate, Crash Landing on You (#2), do do sol sol la la sol (#5), startup

2021: squid game

2023: twenty-five twenty-one (#3), hometown cha cha cha (#4)

2024: queen of tears (#1!!!) 

top 2 are QOT & CLOY, so stories similar to those <3 

For simple plots with easy to follow dialogue:



If you watch English shows you can try

  • Ted Lasso
  • The good place 

Some shows though not lightheaded, and dialogue heavy you should watch:


PS: any Cdrama recommendations like QOT?