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1. White Christmas
2. Cruel City
3. 49 Days
4. Angry Mom
5. You Who Came From the Stars
1. coffee prince (pls watch)
2. my girlfriend is a gumiho
3. love rain
4. oh my venus
5. hmm reply 1997 maybe
1 - Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
2 - Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo / W - Two Worlds
3 - To the Beautiful you
4 - God of Study
5 - Love in the Moonlight / Sungkyunkwan Scandal
no particular order

Jealousy Incarnate
Its Ok Its Love
Fated to Love You
Oh My Venus

and i second the notion on @knavery 's recommendations 
Shine or Go Crazy
Another Miss Oh
> My Lovely Sam Soon
> Master's Sun
> Descendant's of the Sun
> Oh My Venus
> Signal
1. legend of blue sea
2. my love from another star
3. full house thai
4. wannueng jaa pben superstar
Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo
Beautiful Days very underrated
Cruel Romance
Goodbye Mr. Black another underrated drama
1.) Kill Me, Heal Me.
2.) W-Two Worlds
3.) Another Miss Oh
4.) Witch's Romance
5.) Falling for Innocence
1. W - Two Worlds
2. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
3. Suspicious Partner
4. The Bride of Habaek
5. Healer 

and also worth watching:
- Love in the Moonlight 
- Goblin 
- Cheese in the Trap 
- I Hear Your Voice 
Woman of Dignity
Let's Fight Ghost
I Hear Your Voice
Rooftop Prince
Was difficult to choose!

1. Kill Me, Heal Me
2. Healer
3. Scarlet Heart: Ryero
4. Another Miss Oh
5. W

but I had to sift through those titles to get to my top 5, too: The Heirs, Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, The Master's Sun, Fight My Way, It's Ok, That's Love, Age of Youth and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo.
1.Incomplete Life
2. Six Flying Dragons
3. Signal
4. Empress Ki
5. Stranger

1. Goblin: almost my first k-drama, difficult to watch any other Korean show after this. Loved everything on it!
2. Suki na hito ga iru koto: funny story to watch in the summer months. 
3. Ouroboros: Loved it! 
3. It's ok, that's love: didn't know what it was about and I liked it very much, the OST too. 
4. You who came from the stars. 
5. W

1. Empress ki (genre: Historical,  Melodrama,  Political,  Romance,  Tragedy)

2. Queen seon duk (genre: historical, romance, political, war) 

3. Stranger or forest of secrets 2017(genre: Detective,  Drama,  Investigation,  Law,  Thriller)

4. Defendant (genre: Drama,  Law,  Melodrama,  Mystery,  Suspense,  Thriller)

5. Chief kim (genre: Business,  Comedy,  Drama and a hint of bro/ro-mance)


Jewel in the palace or Dae jang geum (genre: Food,  Historical,  Medical,  Melodrama,  Romance)
1. Goblin - this is just amazing
2. Kill me heal me - I love this history and this acting game idk 
3. Marriage not dating - Cute and funny 
4. The legend of the blue sea - Min Ho