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Is it just me or are there more people who ship Lee Kwang Soo x Jeon So Min (KwangMin)? Every time I watch running man I always think about this. Their personalities are so similar and they're always together. If you watch any episode you can see that they always sit together or are always in the same car together etc and for some reason I feel like they're really close. They can easily make fun of each other plus they're quite compatible and they're around the same age as well. Plus even the members recognise it. To quote: "they're be a love line no one cares about", "its going to be there again". Please don't tell me i'm the only one! .-.
Yeah I also think lots of people are shipping them. She's a great addition imo.

However, I'm one of those that loves seeing Kwang Soo jokes with the female guests lol