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You who came from the stars
Any drama with jung il woo in it
I Need Romance 3 - The Beach Kiss and several others.

Me Too Flower-Ep.6 - Restaurant Kiss -the first part is not my favorite, but it does express a lot of the emotional turmoil happening between the leads. The second part of that kiss is one of the best in dramaland.  You really feel that these 2 people are completely lost in each other. 

Another Oh Hae Young - All of the kisses were great because both the male and female leads were fully engaged in them.

Suspicious Partner- 1st Kiss between the main leads.

Man Who Sets the Table ep 3 - when he kissed her back! ohh my god <3 I could only find this clip on youtube 

they didn't actually kiss here but I still find it funny LOL still one of my favourite scenes from Manhole

and I like all kiss scenes from W

Jealousy incarnate ep 14

Another Miss Oh Ep 9 even though I never really liked this show.

I haven't watched that many dramas yet but my favourite kiss at the moment must be from Chicago Typewriter episode 9. I love the passion of the moment and the writing is also good.

Chicago Typewriter - When they were running from the Japanese soldiers [The second time]

Behind Your Smile- Before she found the puzzle.

The Coffee Prince kisses are iconic, both in execution and emotion. Healer, Another Miss Oh, Lovers, all of the ones in each Reply series, uhhh.........what else is there? I really need to broaden my perspectives here tbh