So, Guys... can you help me to find drama with mature Male Lead. 

I have seen:

Doctor Crush - Hong Ji Hong 

Because This is My First Life - Nam Se Hee 

On the way to the airport - Seo Do Woo 

Eternal Love - Ye Hua

Pinocchio - Choi Dal Po 

W - Kang Chul 

The Hymn of Death - Kim Woo Jin

Just Between Lovers - Lee Kang Doo

And I'm currently watching The Story of Minglan

any other suggestion? 

I recommend Nine: Nine Times Time Travel & Cruel City


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I mean not only the male lead is mature in age but he is charismatic, calm like that kind of mature

Check out:

  • My Sunshine - Yi Chen
  • Boss and I - Feng Teng
  • Please love the Useless Me - Ayumu
  • Love O2O - Xiao Nai
  • Padiwarada - Saran
  • Buzzer beater - Naoki 
  • Piang Chai Khon Nee Mai Chai Poo Wised - Sattawat
  • Encounter - JinHyuk
  • Come and hug Me - Dojin
  • Queen InHyuns man - Boongdo
  • Green rose - Junghyun
  • Ugly Alert (Very long drama) - Joonso
  • the Crown Princess - Lt. Dawin
  • Khun chai Puttipat - khun chai puttipat

In addition:

  • Devilish Joy | ML
  • Hello Monster | ML
  • Queen In Hyun's Man | ML
  • Mask | ML (once he warms up to the FL)
  • Kill me, Heal me | ML (main personality)
  • Another Miss Oh | ML
  • Cheese in the Trap | ML (though he can also come across as a bit creepy). 
  • Come and Hug Me | Nah Moo
  • Cruel City | ML and, later on, also the 2ML seems to mature. 
  • Jugglers | ML
  • The Ghost Detective | ML
  • Terius Behind Me | ML
  • Mother | ML (though he isn't as involved in the story). 
  • Healer | 2ML

Are you sure you mean charismatic? That means outgoing, someone who draws admirers who want to bask in his glow.  Dictionary: "exercising a compelling charm which inspires devotion in others. "

Nam See Lee in BTIM First Life is a loner who is able to deal with business matters, but he is devoid of charm (until our heroine comes along).

I see plenty of mature male secondary characters, often handing out advice to more flawed primary characters.