Hello there! :) 

So, I just finished  re-watching Empress Ki. And I am CRAVING a good romantic k-drama that portrays a similar romance to that of Seung-Nyang and Wang Yu (NOT the Emperor). I don't want a winey, pouty and childish female lead. I don't want a baby-faced male lead. To me, the romance Seung-Nyang and Wang Yu had in Empress Ki was amazing. Mature. Romantic. Not silly and to the point. None of them was fooling around and being stupidly shy and shocked because of a kiss. Wang Yu was such a down to earth man that was loyal, dignified and manly. Seung-Nyang quickly recognised and acknowledged her feelings for Wang Yu and didn't play the aloof, childish card (Until... well. Sigh.) I want to see a realistic romance, not adults behaving like 16 year old virgins. Is there anything out there that meet my requirements? 

P.S if there is a little bit of skinship, more than the usual "lips touch. Girl is mysteriously paralysed. Eyes open wide OR closes eyes like if she's being punished or is about to be hit. Awkward static kiss", even better! 

I have already seen and loved:

-A Korean Odyssey

-Mr Sunshine 

-Descendants of the Sun

-Scarlet Heart Ryeo

-The Moon that Embraces the Sun

-A love to Kill

-The king's daughter: Su Baek Hyang

-Queen for 7 days



-City Hunter

-King Two Hearts

-A Jewel in the Palace

Thank you so much!

  • It's Okay that's Love 
  • Witch's Romance 
  • What's Wrong with Secretary Kim 
  • I want Romance 2 
  • Mask 
  • Coffee Prince 
  • Gentleman's Dignity 
  • Last Cinderella 
  • Lavender 
  • +1 It's Okay, that's Love
  • Gu Family Book | Once they acknowledge their feelings, both the ML and FL are very honest and straightforward with one another.
  • Fight for my Way | Refreshingly straightforward. Good kissing.
  • Possessed | The characters are very honest and mature about their feelings and their relationship is portrayed very realistically. But keep in mind that the drama isn't heavy on the romance.
  • Cheese in the Trap
  • Lawless Attorney | a well-balanced couple.
  • Signal | Although romance is minimal and it unfolds between the FL and the 2ML.

In addition:

  • Encounter - ML is baby-faced, but he probably is one of the most mature ML in kdramaland. Plus their romance is pretty solid and mature, none of the bickering cliche in kdrama of yore.
  • Scent of a Woman - has one of the hottest dance numbers in kdramaland
  • Dongyi - pretty long drama, but definitely a great watch
  • A thousand Days promise - romantic romance ce isnt really the primary gust of the story, but it is definitely about great love, sacrifice, loyalty and pride
  • Secret - intense and revenge plot

How sbout nonkdramas? For that, maybe check out:

  • Ten miles of peach blossoms (China)
  • Story of Minglan (China) 
  • Love O2O (China)
  • In time with you (Taiwan)
  • Love now (Taiwan)
  • Bromance (Taiwan) 
  • pride (japan)
  • Padiwarada (Thai)