unlike many rich girl/rich man dramas, i am loooking for dramas covering issues, romance between rich families and romance between rich man and rich girl (Chaebol families)

I am searching for problems, conflict, scandals and issues in life of two rich

Any Kdrama suggestion is appreciated.

Hi , all I could think of are:



-Behind your smile ( she is from a rich family but her mother has financial issues but she still behaves like a well behaved rich girl)

-the heirs ( the main girl is poor but all the characters are rich and it explores a lot the confilct about money between these families)

-hotel king

Lookout or the Guardians. Also Lawless Lawyer and Healer.

Golden Empire- one of the characters starts off poor but he becomes rich.

Tons of conflict- very entertaining

Also check out:

  • Beauty Inside - ML is chaebol and FL is a very successful actress
  • Green rose - ML starts out as poor but comes back super rich
  • Queen of the game - revenge drama


  • Jao Sao Jum Yorm (Thailand)
  • Khun chai terratorn (Thailand) - set in 1900's
  • Khun chai pawornruj (thailand - same timeline as above
  •  Accidentally in love (china) - FL disguises herself as average
  • Tarm Ruk Keun Jai (Thailand) - FL disguises herself as poor