So I haven't delved into the world of K-movies as much but I was hoping to get some K-movie recs.

I'd prefer a romantic comedy where the FL isn't meek and overly naive. Something more recent would be great. Like if there's a movie like Suspicious Partner, that would be ideal haha.

Thank you!

I completely agree with the list above-

From that list I'd recommend Wonderful Nightmare (bittersweet sadness, so if you're not into that don't watch this), The Dude in Me (I re-watched this last night and still love it as much as I liked it the first time) and Love 911 (My fav)

  • Beauty inside 
  • Beast and the Beauty 
  • Always 
  • Be with You 
  • Millionaire's first Love 
  • On your wedding Day 
  • Hot Youngbloods

I recommend My Little Bride and Wonderful Nightmare.