Can someone that read the book share some spoilers with me? 

I know they made some book to drama changes. I wonder if they also killed QH's servant like that in the book. That scene was so sad to me. I am also curious about Rulan since she is a favorite supporting character. 


You can try asking here:’s-daughter-minglan.23420/

There are lots of novel spoilers posted there and they are great at answering novel related questions :)

Thank you so much!! 

Thanks so much for the spoiler website!  It definitely helped clarify a few things.

One of the main changes is the timeline and age. They basically skipped over Ming Lan growing up and what she had to go through, but the drama writers did incorporate some of the childhood events and rewrote them to become more teenager/adult scenes. Oh, and they sort of just ditched the oldest daughter, Hualan. I liked Hualan, but oh well. 

Many thanks mary for pointimg where to read spoiler ???? it made me more interestec for the next episode.  All praisd ro thd writer with such intelligent writing awesome pacing so many good points also 1 of my best drama. So worthwhile of my time

Did Ming Lan & her husband have a happy ending? That's all I want to know. All the ups & downs in between the story I can brace myself to handle if the couple remains strong in the end.

Hi Hiedi  according to the book yes they habe a happy ending and they have 4 sons they say and minglan and gty grandchold married to queng h grandchild

Brilliant drama especially for those who love AUSTEN.  At eps58 feeling tired for ML. 

The insanity of MIL -stepmom is taking a bigger role in the story. My ?  WHY?    Readers of the book, can you inspire me to continue and ignore MIL?  The development of ML & G are the focal point I'm sure.  Getting very tired of this character since she really is MINOR player (impt yet minor). This lady is worst on all levels compared to Darcy's aunt, at least she claimed Darcy as family. While this cow has subtly hated & harmed & disowned G his entire life.

@Myster Mel-Bookish all i can say, from what I have read of the novel and seen of the drama, I think that in this world, the victim is often blamed and the pattern of exonerating and even protecting the wrong doer is re-enforced by the cultural norms at the time i.e. we must protect the family honor.  Evil MIL if she wins then second son and his wife deserved what they got because only the best can be in charge of the family and isn't her child the best??, but if she loses then that means her life is in their hands (the hands of the enemy!) even if they offered peace she would never believe that, and what we know of Ming Lan, I wouldn't believe that either.


I like spoilers. They do not ruin a book for me unless I am reading a detective/mystery/thriller. Everyone is different. I like reading a lot and I rather not waste my time reading or watching something that has an unsatisfying ending or a cliffhanger. I guess I am at the point in my life where I rather not waste my time unless I know I will like the ending. When I was a teenager, I read a 500 pages book only to find out that the author died before finishing the story. I also also read books where I hated the ending so much I wanted all my time back. Now I am too busy to waste my time watching or reading something if it is not going to be at least 90% enjoyable.