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I don't get why he think the mistress is his daughter, 
I know he have photo but didn't he take a paternity test that prove otherwise?

That's why it has to keep us watching the drama )) i was thinking exactly the same thing
I think the main lead is the daughter. He just confused her with the mistress. Like, he took the right paternity test but probably took the wrong pen drive from the detective. Besides, the female lead is too pitiful right now. A rich father is exactly what she needs xD
Thank you!!  I thought I was the only one to have the doubt.

Welcome! By the way, do you have any idea when the new episodes will be subbed? Is this show being subbed on time? (I just started)
It airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays
Usually I find sub the next day on myasiantv or other site. 
So yes, to me they are on time. 
But that's because they sub while I sleep. 
Always consider the time zone

I am a little confused. The real daughter is our main characters right?
But his assistant shows him the mistress's picture and says that it is his daughter.
Yes but we think the girls got mix up cause the same name. Like @palak say. They probably mix up at the detective office. And so his assistant start diggin info about the wrong girl.
Does anyone know if episodes 5-8 are subbed anywhere? It seems like they stopped subbing the drama after the controversy. This looks like the only discussion for the drama as the comments section is locked.
Have only heard that people have stopped subbing the episodes because of the controversy and apparently MBC have "removed the drama from international platforms". I watched episode 5-8 today and was considering translating a bit of it but because of my limited Korean, I think I would end up only subbing approximately 70% of it. On top of that, it takes a lot of time timing subtitles.

I understand why the first 1-3 episodes received the reaction they got but the newer episodes are actually really interesting and the story itself is very refreshing! Hope somebody subs it despite the negative reactions!
@ddoc I had a suspicious feeling something like this happened. It really sucks! I guess we can only wait for the subs
sorry, but I totally miss the news.... what happend ??  which controversy?
Long story short, a woman wore a hijab and a bikini together, which is inappropriate according to Islam. Another minor controversy is the male lead dressing up as an Arabic guy, thus cultural appropriation problem.  So a lot of international fans who sub are Muslim and so they refuse to sub it. Some have refused because they're offended on behalf of Muslims. The drama has also been taken off Dramafever/Viki. Thus, no quick subs. This is so unfair LIKE SERIOUSLY. I mean, I was really looking forward to this all week long and now I am stuck. I am almost a little angry (almost).  
I heard MBC even removed anything offensive from the drama which means there will most likely be no focus on the "cultural appropriation" in any upcoming episodes. The problem was with episode 1-2 so it is kind if weird to sub the controversial episodes, only (that will cause a very early "judgement" on the drama and low ratings on here as well). Watching the newer episodes and deciding whether they "make up" for the controversy would be a good idea (for the people who found the drama "troublesome"), I think.
THX now I get! Personally I think they are overacting, its just a drama, all the arabica stuff is just fiction, fantasy. I dont think the writer wants to make a joke of islam on pourpose.
But I admit that with all things thats heppening around the world, MBC should be more carefull before starting this project. 

I was curious about the plot, guess we have to wait and hope.