Great content... About the viewership is always about luck too.. If the audience is up for it. Unfortunately, they don't count the online views either... They should.
@BlueberryCheesecake ... Wow! I never thought about it that way!...very possible! ..... and u r right, nobody likes a critic!
But I think producers didn't make 4th's scar worse, exactly b/c they are image conscious and want the lead and LKJ to still be attractive.... from the first episode, where 9th is showing off his muscles and asking if there is enough definition, I knew this was gonna be a shallow ride.

Nonetheless, I applaud the producers and writers for taking a stand and supporting IU!!!

I can't help but think that IU must have encountered some RL harassment, that is why she is taking on this subject! 

@JPT I know! If they did then they would realize this show is more popular than they think. TBH it's all I heard about before I started watching and I needed something to watch since W was ending. I'm all the way in America and I don't get Korean channels so I have to make do with watching them online :(
I'm in Australia and I find it really hard to find a "legal" way to watch anything, I made the mistake of paying for a subscription to dramafever a while ago and every video was "not available in your country"  Netflix only has about 6 asian dramas at a time and they're likely to just swap them when you're mid way through or the next time you're on the one you wanted to watch next is gone.  I haven't tried signing up to viki yet but the whole international licensing thing gives me the harrumphs so I tend to download them from Dramanice or Dramacool.  I guess if they counted both online subscription viewers and "illegal" online viewership it would be amazing.  but you know us overseas viewers don't buy the things in the commercials etc, we don't make them money, so I can completely understand why they don't count it.
@rainruma about 4th's scar. Eventually Soo will actually cover the scar with make up. So, I didn't understand why did the production team didn't dare to make the scar bolder.. It's not like we watch it for whole episode.. Yeah, maybe they just wanna make LJK's face likeable since he's the male lead. And the whole first scene where the princes take bath is totally sign of a shallow ride haha. Why else all of them got shirtless then (not complaining though)

@Nat actually, viki and dramafever doesn't available in my country too. So I download many dramas from other sites, and I don't even know whether it's legal or not :( And I know many from my country watch it the same way. So I can relate, if they count our view... It would be amazing

Cannot wait for 8th ep! I think things will going in a fast pace. Now that the throne ruckus start to come forward. And, have I mentioned this? I really really really really like So-Baek Ah relationship. 13th is the only one among royals to treat 4th like a person, like a family, like a friend. And I'm glad for 4th. (it is way easier to address them by number rather than their name for me)
@BlueberryCheesecake - yeah, 1st episode was a turn-off for me, after 9th asked if he has enough muscle definition in  his biceps.... shallow and childish lines and scenes, but as a whole I am enjoying it so far.

@Nat - Try using a VPN to bypass their region limitations.... You don't need membership to watch Viki, but most of their K-dramas are licensed, so there are ads w/ currently airing shows if u don't pay.....   Kissasian has High quality videos.... but it, and many sites like it are unlicensed.

I try not to watch DramaFever... I was excited at the convenience of being able to watch directly from MDL, w/out signing in .... Then I remembered why I canceled my Premium membership...terrible service and a player that skips subtitles!..:P
Happy to see that we reached 1.7K views on this thread. Thanks.
I hope the ratings will increase in the future..
I'm posting here a link to a post I've made in the Feeds, as I see that it meets one of this thread's theme. It's about the "tree naming" scene in ep 7. Basically it's says thing you've all pretty much said already, but since I wasn't visiting the thread then, I didn't know ^^

Juniko's Post
Lee Joon Gi is a great actor! I'd like to rewatch him in a new historical movie
After reading the lyrics of IU's song, Zeze, the only thing I could think of was 4th prince,.... Huehuehuehueheuhehe XD
I think it's pretty obvious why the drama has low ratings right now. It's your average kdrama. There's nothing special about it. The story is pretty average, some of the acting isn't up to par, and some of the music just doesn't fit in with the drama. The drama feels like it's moving at a snail's pace as well. Lastly there seems to not really be any bad guys right now. The only thing they're struggling with right now is a pre-arranged marriage that was brought up and was essentially concluded in 30 minutes. I have high hopes for this show. I really hope they have a much more interesting middle/ending. 
Q: Why does the king have more than one queen (4th prince's mom and 8th prince's mom)? I'm not sure if this is a subtitle translation mistake but I remebered both women were referred to as "jungjong" which usually means queen. 
Crusading Angel, you don't thing the queen and the 3rd prince are bad guys?