I don't even know why I did all of this things for moon lovers. I watched the sbs ver, the international ver, I read the recap, I searched the historical fact, I read and write in forum. And everytime I watched each episode, I always hope they did a good job this episode, they did a good job. But I always ended up slightly disappointed. And annoyed. It's more like, the musician was great, but the conductor is trashy so the orchestra cannot bring grand music like what I've expected.

@rainruma and yes, I really think nepotism is at work! Kim Gyu Tae was okay with It's okay it's love before! And I think Jo Yoon Young is not that bad either! I'm so angry yet I still curious like a fool for this drama. sigh.
@hessa you did a hell good job monitoring this forum and checking many things. Cannot thank you enough
@BueberryCheesecake wait there is a historical facts here? so is it based on a true story?
No, They've fit a fictional Chinese story into the fact of Goreyo's history.  so actual characters from the past with a fictional story and a fictional female lead.  Kinda like Historical Fan Fiction (haha!)
so is it true that there's a prince who killed his [email protected]@
@blueberry cheesecake  who r kim gyu tae n jo yoon yung ?
@Hessa - Ugh... even more confusion.  *sigh*  It might be a good idea to make a note in the FAQ that DramaLove isn't completely consistent with the episode versions. :(

I've been downloading from KissAsian (for the SBS Re-edited ver.) and HDFree (for the subbed Original International ver.) and can confirm that currently (episodes 1 - 9) these two sites have been consistent with the episode versions.
I have been watching in those 2 websites too.

So is it true that there's a prince who killed his brothers?

This is just from the novel. In the actual Goreyo's history, the princes did not kill each other.
@Yozzora the character are true person in the history. But what did they exactly do that time, I think no one knows. Afterall, it's a fusion-sageuk haha
@atslipinbag kim gyu tae is the director. Jo Yoon Yung is the scriptwriter
@BlueberryCheesecake --- I can't believe it is the same director as IRIS and A Love to Kill ....
I am not familiar w/ writer's work ... sometimes I think the script has smart dialogue, but most of the time treatment of characters and story seems too shallow ... so far not a  good impression of the writer.... 
There is no doubt, the editing is the worst part... I never notice editing, but it is so bad here that I  finally learned to appreciate its importance.
and let's not forget the music that does not fit the scenes sometimes :P  .... some of instrumentals are  nice tho.
What happened to Kim Gyu Tae, tho??? ... even dramabeans criticized his work.... I wonder if it is what I thought all along, producers lack focus.

I am angry too.... I love the story and wanted this to be amazing! ..... LJK and KHN are wonderful, I hope they keep 4th as ruthless, and I hope they don't ruin 8th's personality as the "virtuous prince".... although in this version, 8th has no motive for his ambition except jealousy over Hae Soo , that's not too virtuous :((

Btw, in last few weeks I re-watched Scarlet Heart and finished Battle of Changsha .... writing for SH is simply wonderful, characters, story flow, depth, pace... all of it <3 ..... As for BoC, I was so amazed by the directing, the use of jarry or slow motion, the montage, sequencing, angles.... simply Wow!
@rairuma yes, that's why I definitely think that there's something going on behind the production. The OST too.. I like every song but sometimes it just come out weirdly, unmatched with the scene. This drama is co-produced by YG, you know. I'm not trying to make YG look all bad, but maybe that's why they got Epik High, Lee Hi, and Akmu to sing the OSTs. Aside from OST, everything look like a puzzle piece that didn't match with each other. The writer didn't have any outstanding work so far. But I think Kim Gyu Tae is pretty decent. I was totally disturbed with the zoom in shoot. Kim Gyu Tae used the zoom in shoot too in his previous work and I didn't mind it. But in this work, I hate the zoom in shoot so much because it doesn't have any meaning. I hate it more because I could see every pimple on the actor's face. Even I could see the lighting props reflected from the actors's eyes. And the zoom in shoot make the make up look so much bolder and unnatural. 

I am totally agree that LJK and KHN was amazing. But this drama has to learn that they couldn't rely on LJK and KHN (or other flower-boy actors) alone. I'm so sorry for the actors. Bad rating could affect their next project. And the re-editing doesn't help at all. With two versions floating around, I really hope that the reedit version of SBS slightly better. But sometimes it worse than the international version. I think the biggest mistakes of the production team is making us have a high expectation over Moon Lovers, long before it was broadcasted.

I really hope to watch Battle of Changsa soon :( But real life drained me enough.
Thanks guys. This thread has reached 4k views.
@BlueberryCheesecake --- Definitely some conflicts behind the scenes ... Don't know much about YG, but he's certainly brilliant at marketing pop ... maybe he was pushing for the idols, the fan-service, the rom-com feel ... where director is pushing for the dark, deep, complex story... so they ended up w/ a mess ... and the writer is way too weak... maybe that's where nepotism comes in, along w/ the bad editor.

I agree, sometimes the SBS re-edited version is not better and is still choppy .... The zoom is awkward as it is hindering the telling of the story, we can't see the bigger picture to see how they are all related to each other .... Plus, focusing on LJK or KHN is OK, because their faces are very expressive... but focusing on IU at crucial moments is only pointing out her weakness... I don't understand how a good director does not see that!

BoC has a very realistic approach at showing the devastation of war from one family's POV .... There's a lot of comedy and hope to balance it out... No matter what, it is still about war ... So I completely understand you, because I feel the same ... I came to dramaland to escape life's problems and feel happy ...
However to me, a sad ending or a sadness in a show do not affect my joy level... crying can be pleasing if I love the characters and the story and the ultimate message is hopeful...
What doesn't bring me joy is stark realism showing a pessimistic point of view about life, depleting hope... Even if I don't cry or get emotionally involved, it still leaves me w/ a bad taste :P:P
I've run a simultaneous side-by-side comparison for Episode 06 to get a more comprehensive list of the scene differences.

*Note: Each timestamp has a short description of the scene, some of which can be considered spoilers, so I've whited-out the text.  Click and drag between the >> and << to read it.


Original International version:

[different opening]
[00:12] - Extended funeral scene
[02:26] - Extended scene of Hae Soo comforting Wang Wook [8th]
[06:27] - Extended puppet show scene
[12:11] - Slightly extended scene of the Princes fretting over Hae Soo's marriage
[13:14] - Extended scene of the Princes helping Hae Soo escape from the Palace
[16:01] - Extended horseback-chase and capture scenes
[24:27] - Extended scene of Hae Soo returning to the Palace
[25:32] - Slightly extended scene of Concubine Oh in the Damiwon
[27:52] - Slightly extended scene of Hae Soo being stripped for examination
[28:45] - Extended scene of the Queens and Princes discussing Hae Soo's marriage
[34:01] - Slightly extended scene of Wang So [4th] and Baek Ah [13th] conversing
[37:46] - Extended scene with Wang Wook [8th] and Wang So [4th] pleading with the King, and Hae Soo cutting her wrist
[42:32] - *EXTRA* scene of the Princes on the steps, wondering what happened to Hae Soo
[50:22] - Extended scene of Choi Ji Mong talking to the King
[different preview for next episode]  

SBS Re-edited version: 

[different opening]
[01:50] - *EXTRA* scene of Hae Soo talking to Baek Ah [13th]
[09:09] - *EXTRA* scene of Wang So [4th], Wang Yo [3rd], Baek Ah [13th], and Wang Eun [10th] in the library
[11:19] - *EXTRA* scene of Wang So [4th] and Baek Ah [13th] talking
[24:54] - *EXTRA* scene of the King and Queen arguing
[37:17] - *EXTRA* scene of Wang So [4th] threatning Choi Ji Mong
[53:51] - Slightly extended scene of Hae Soo with the Princes and Choi Ji Mong, and Hae Soo entering the Damiwon
[different preview for next episode]


I'm including this info (along with a list of links for where to find the different versions of this drama) in an .RTF document.  You can view and/or download it from my Profile: Neyjour

I'll be doing a comparison for Episode 01, and then 07 onwards as soon I get some more free time.

(If you notice any errors with the Prince's names/numbers, please do let me know so I can correct it.)
@Neyjour --  Thank you so much for doing that!  :D

It is not 9th prince  in both versions  .... Hae Soo talks with 13th (Baek Ha) after the funeral .... 4th/Wang So is friends w/ 13th and talks w/ him in several scenes.
@rainruma - You're welcome!  And thanks for the corrections!  I was pretty sure I had made some mistakes with that. :P

Would you mind giving it another look, please, to see if it's correct now?  If it is, I'll go ahead and update the .RTF document.

These were the changes I made:

Original International ver:
[34:01] changed to 13th

SBS Re-edited ver:
[01:50] changed to 13th
[11:19] changed to 13th